My, my, how times change

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  • tergiversator


    This is the second article I've seen in the past year about bright Witness kids going to regular colleges. (The other one was about twin brothers down in Florida, I believe.) Even if Rebekah is going to be studying something "practical" like engineering, it's still a good sign, because if nothing else more witnesses will be exposed to the idea of college as "not always a bad thing."

    But I have to ask: what congregation was she in? Because this sounds very much unlike my experience with high school, all of two years ago, and not exactly because of my own personal choices, either:

    She plays flute in the concert band, manages the cross-country team, has contributed to her school's literary magazine, and is a member of the Math and Science leagues, the National and Spanish honor societies, and the debate team.

    Ah, well, maybe someday she will stop being an anomoly for the Watchtower to hold up to the world in an attempt to say, "We let our kids do normal things! Honest!" and start being more representative? I can dream, can't I?

    -Tergiversator, of the "I applied to college as a witness too" class
    (and then promptly left once I was away from home and wouldn't have to face being shunned every day...)

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  • Tina

    Hi terg,
    I remember right before I left the wts asking an elder about the 'easing up' on the college issue.
    I was told that since it was getting harder to make a reasonable living w/o more training/education the wts was losing many people due to many bros and sis working 2 low paying jobs to make ends meet,thus rendering them to physically tired to make mtgs,fs,etc.
    From that explanation,it wasn't really for the r/f's benefit as it was a way for wts to keep people in and active,rather than ultimately losing them.(Tho i must say I personally never heard it encouraged from the platform)
    That rang somewhat true to me as I saw this happening a lot .
    But I also think articles like that have a dual purpose.
    To the man/woman on the 'street',it presents a less cultlike image. Thus making the message at the door more palatable to potential converts. Just MHO,Tina

  • outnfree

    Ten to one Rebekah lives in a divided household.

    Even with the easing up on the "no-college-do-not-pass-go-go-straight-into-pioneering" dogma, those are WAY too many extra-curricular activities! If she were an over-achiever, those things would still seriously cut into meeting times and preparing for meetings.

    In my divided household, for example, my children were not allowed to attend the weeknight meetings during the school year until they were teenagers. And even then, the book study first (only 1 hour), and eventually the TMS/Svc Mtgs. (Of course, by the time they were old enough to be allowed to go, they didn't want to go, and I was not supposed to coerce them. (I did use guilt on occasion, I'm ashamed to say.)

    So that's what my HUSBAND did to help them have a normal childhood.

    And what I did was to let it be thought in the congregation that it was my hubby's idea that they be allowed to participate in school plays, choir and community sports teams. (I just thought they needed a LIFE!)

    I AM wondering, however, about the Williams sisters tennis stars...
    is that a divided family, too? Because how many WT articles have we read where sports/music stars LEFT their lucrative careers because they were not conducive to Christian conduct and meeting attendance.
    Anyone know the scoop on that?


  • nojw86

    hi out, I just was thinking of the talented williams sisters, which they are in that field. It is a divided household mom is in but daddy smokes while watching them. So how does meeting attendance fit into their busy life style. They now are doing numerous commercials, magazine ads which take mucho time, were do they make time for 5 weekly meetings, study takes time and of course there is f.s, when attending meetings how are looked upon but the others of their own age who are taught to slave for the kingdom first. All i have to say I was told yoga was wrong. My my, how times change, TENNIS ANYONE ...nojw

  • patio34


    Thanks for the link and the thread. I agree, what cong. did she go to? None like I've ever heard!

    What used to annoy me when raising my children was jdubs who didn't follow the WTS and elders' advice. Now, I'm kicking myself for trying to follow it, and my kids paid the price.

    Congrats on thinking for yourself!


  • DrunkWithLiberty

    I agree too. What hall did she attend? I couldn't get baptized until I quit the track team and all other sports I was involved in. My best friend had to relinquish her seat as student body president.
    As for as the Williams sisters, I say, "way to go". I am so happy that they get to do what they do, but I feel bad for the kids who don't get to have the freedom they enjoy. BTW, did you see the Vanity Fair pitures of the Williams sisters? They were not wearing the modest clothing of a christian witness. They looked great.
    Life is good,

  • Kristen

    Times have changed in many areas it seems. And soon they'll deny ever discouraging anyone from going to college too. Now I can understand why old magazines are so valuable! History has a funny way of rewriting itself in the organization.


    Arrange whatever pieces come your way. –VIRGINIA WOOLF

  • tergiversator

    Hello, all,

    I have to admit I had forgotten about the "divided household" bit. The only one of my friends to get any schooling beyond high school had an "unbelieving" father. And she only went to a two-year certification program. And she auxiliary pioneered at the same time. I think that's also the only reason why her younger sister (junior high age) is allowed to play the flute in the school band.

    Of course, part of me is kicking myself for having bought all of the "extracurriculars are bad" arguments myself; I remember my best friend Kristin being so excited that she was going to try out for the school play in seventh grade, and my first reaction was to wonder if it was proper (gah!). (Her step-mom made her quit anyways.) Ditto for why I never tried out for the track team, joined the band, went on a school trip to France, etc, etc - it was "my" choice 'cause I was such a good witness kid. At least I got to go to college...

    And I have to agree with you Kristen... who here remembers any of the old light from before they were witnesses? Organ transplants aren't cannibalism, vaccinations have always been okay, Jehovah never lived in the Pleiedes, aluminum is not demonic, grapes do not cure cancer, no articles ever appeared saying black people would become white in the new system, and so forth.

    -Tergiversator, who says we've always been at war with Eastasia

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