Hurricane in the Bahamas

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  • zeb

    Winds of over 300 k an hour my heart goes out to you.

  • LV101

    Those poor people - the worse storm in history has slammed them (ongoing) and no idea the devastation yet.

  • Simon

    Slightly off topic, but related ...

    A hurricane is one of the most extreme weather events imaginable. There's little subtlety to it - it's a huge raging weather mass usually on a collision course with some Island or Florida.

    But even so, they can't accurately predict where it's going to go in the next 24 hours - there's lots of probability involved and often the predictions shift as the storm fluctuates. Some are predicted to be cataclysmic and then seem to blow out and reduce to a tropical storm, some go the other way and within a day go from a storm to a category 5.

    Given that they can't tell us exactly when and where this gigantic barrelling storm is gong to make landfall, why does anyone believe that they can forecast the weather and climate 50 years from now?

    The weather forecast do a fair to middling job of telling you tomorrows weather but they boost their forecasting credentials by talking a lot about what the weather was earlier or is right now.

    When they can accurately forecast a hurricane a fortnight in advance then maybe I'll believe the models.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Thankfully, is capitalizing on the storm.

  • smiddy3

    Its unusual for a storm of this nature to stay over one place for so long ,my thoughts are with these people .

    A pox on the JW religion for getting mileage out of the catastrophe / suffering of other people.

  • shepherdless

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