Eat Midde-Eastern food for peace...

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  • Aztec

    Or just because it's yummy! I am on a Middle-Eastern food tear. I love it! I just bought taboule, hommous,labne, marinated olives and pita bread! Does anyone else like it? ~Aztec

  • COMF

    There's a Greek deli near where I work that serves some of the items you list, and others. My lunch gang goes there about once a month. Some of it's great, especially the way they do olives! (but you can have my share of the hummus).

  • unclebruce

    The only thing I miss about Sydney is the Turkish and Indian food. But where o where can a bloke get a decent kabab down here 500k south? - you're mak'n me mouth water ya cruel b@$%@&s!

    Hey Cap'n how about swap'n ya homus for a jug o' fermented yogurt!

    unc wrapped in vine leaf

    U.S: drop food not bombs!

  • outnfree


    I like it! In fact, my daughter went out to get some tabouleh this afternoon -- she had a craving.

    We should do lunch some time! :)


    COMF -- Try some red pepper hummous next time!

  • Crazy151drinker


    Why dont you and I make love and not war

  • Francois

    Ah, yes, I must admit being something of an epicure when it comes to food. I do like the middle eastern obsession with lamb. And hummus, tabouleh, and all them there other things like that. I swear I could eat a brick if it had enough hummus on it (or horseradish, for that matter). And how about Greek Tiziki (sp?) my god, I could consume an entire bowling ball if I had enough of that stuff on it, that stuff above I can't spell.

    How on earth can two groups of people eat such food and then want to go outside and fight each other? I would fall into the arms of anyone who could make a good leg of lamb wrapped in grape leaves and served with mint. And did you know that 9 out of 10 college professors who have tried Camels eventually switched back to women? Little known research, but there it is.



    There are some amazing Middle-Eastern restaurants here in Toronto. There's one place here in the city called: Ali Baba's. It's a plain n' simple place, but serves some of the most amazing food.

    There are tons of Middle-Eastern take-outs, and other family restaurants that I have visited, and they all served incredibly tasty dishes. Mmmm!

    Yup, now there's a novel way to make peace: feed the hungry

  • unclebruce


    heeeeey i tried camel once .. tasted loooovely (mind you we didn't know it was camel till later - afghan wouldn't say what it died from either and dad wasn't to impressed .. ah those were the days .. lol)

  • Aztec

    Oh Crazy...Smooches! Come to Detroit and I will "ahem" fill you up!:) Out, I love Taboule! I need more in fact!Hommous! I am hungry! ~Aztec

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