PIMO: Your help needed! (Field Service Groups video evidence)

by Fay Dehr 3 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Calling all who are still "in": I need your help!

    I’m putting together a damming video with evidence of Jehovah’s Witnesses “organizing” the collection of data in Field Service – data about when people were not at home, if a child answered the door and so on. Since a leaked letter dated 2-Aug-2017, where elders were instructed to destroy all house-to-house records and not tell publishers how to collect data about people not-at-home, we know that the practise has continued.

    How you can help

    I need video footage of a “Group Overseer” or “Group Assistant”, or even just a brother who’s “organizing” field service. For example, he could be seen collecting notes from publishers containing lists of “not-at-homes” or giving such lists to publishers. If you send in such footage – just PM me here – I will ensure that your identity is protected by:

    • Obscuring the facial identity of all people in the video clip
    • Obscuring the audio of anyone speaking in the video clip
    • Obscuring any geographic clues, such as street signs

    Your clip will need to have been recorded after 2-Aug-2017, which is when Jehovah’s Witnesses began to claim that their public witnessing work is purely the result of “individuals” (it’s not organized by the branch or by the local congregation), who “personally and privately” have chosen to call at a specific address.

    See what you can do on your mobile phone, with the camera "accidentally" on record...

  • jonahstourguide

    Its no secret that in Melbourne Australia some uber elders request the 'personal' nh lists from individual publishers and hand them out at another meeting for fs stating that they would like help to cover 'their' not at homes.


  • zeb

    chances are that the 'destroy records' order never got to the r & f as 'destroy records' sounds a little too suspicious.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    All this data stuff bouncing around these types of sites is getting pretty interesting. Poor old Watchtower, gotta watch their backs even more now.

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