How do I make a comment or a reply in a thread?

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  • SWAT

    I don't see any way to comment, no matter what thread (topic) I am reading. Help!

  • Incognito

    Just as you needed to be signed-in to start this topic, once signed-in, there is a comment box at the bottom of each topic page, below the line "Have your say ...". Type your comments in that box.

    Once your comment has been posted, you have a 30 minute window to edit that comment.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, SWAT, and welcome to the forum.

    Since you have already commented here and elsewhere, I'm not sure of the exact nature of your problem. However, using my current pc (with Windows 7), I can both read and comment. My old Apple PowerBook allows reading only and no interaction whatsoever. It is shutting down bit by bit, page by page, on what I can continue doing.

    Hope you resolve your issues. Simon, the forum owner, has helped many of us with our technical issues.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome SWAT, I hope you have an enjoyable interchange of encouragement while you're here.

  • Vidiot
  • FedUpJW

    No issues making replies here either. I do notice though that if I copy and paste a quote the comment box gets stretched so wide I can only see half of it.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    hi there please help I cant seem to start any new topic in the forum, despite the fact that i can comment on here. tried so mnay times this morning to start a new topic and it just keeps saying uploading ......

  • Simon

    There's a throttle to prevent spammers (or people with too much to say) taking over the site and overwhelming it with new topics.

    If you've submitted something, it goes into a queue and will appear. If you have gone over the daily limit it will be delayed, reposting thing will create duplicates and just lengthen the delay before new posts appear.

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