I thought Christmas was more a catholic origination???

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  • EndofMysteries

    From when a JW, it was at least always told to me how Catholics took on christmas, and all the other pagan celebrations etc.

    Recently I met a Russian who said they are Catholic and in Russia they don't really celebrate Christmas. It's more an american thing and that New Years is the bigger deal and the closest thing to Christmas to them is something on like Jan 7th.

    Also met a Puerto Rican also said raised Catholic and that they didn't celebrate Christmas either.

    I know the USA was originally protestant and in some areas Christmas was banned until the late 1700's.

    So what's the real scoop on Christmas?

  • LongHairGal

    End of Mysteries:

    In the very early years before the USA was a nation, Christmas was considered pagan and not celebrated.

    Only in relatively modern times did the celebration of Christmas catch on. Of course, the commercialism of it is a turn-off to many people but I just ignore that. I sort of feel it is basically for children and I have pleasant memories of childhood because of it.

  • ivanatahan

    Christmas is now a pure mix of consumerism and capitalism.

    It's time to change.

  • transhuman68

    LOL, you do realise that everything you want to know is at Wikipedia?

    The Russkies didn't celebrate Christmas when they were commies, so that might explain something there.

    But who really cares what its origins are? Only a sicko dead-beat r would ban Christmas, lol.

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