Welsh Witness in court

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Must be a very understanding body of elders there is all I can say. Lol.

    Successful graduate spared jail after being exposed as paedophile by police.


  • Phizzy

    " "He felt ashamed about what he did, he said, but said he did not have a sexual interest in children," Mr Jones said "

    Mr Jones is the Prosecutor, surely he would have pointed out that Williams' contention he had "no sexual interest in children" was arrant nonsense ? The Article does not say he did so.

    I also fail to understand that because someone has only just been caught, so do not have a previous offence on Record, is some kind of mitigation ??

    This man should be on the Sexual Offences Register for life, anything less means he is a constant potential danger.

    I also find it sickening that the JW community around him still support him ! What is wrong with these people, would you want to support him if he had sent YOUR Daughter of 13 Dick Pics and suggested he wanted her to perform oral sex upon him ?

  • mynameislame

    Hard to call that one a mistake. Who knows what effect being a 29 year old virgin in a world obsessed with sex has on you though.

    Are we sure he was in good standing with the WT:

    He went to Manchester University and he obtained a degree.

  • skin

    Havnt i been told that the media is controlled by Satan? And Satan wants to bring reproach upon Jehovah's people with all kinds of slanderous lies. Of course the JW community around where he is will support him, because they know the truth behind the lies that the media publish in this time of the end. Sad 😥.

  • Phizzy

    Skin, you are both very wrong, and very deluded.

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