Ultimate door stopper

by Chook 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Chook

    When answering door ask JW what is the youngest age that they have heard of their young ones getting baptised. Response will be between 7-14 depending on there mental capacity to recall. Then proceed to ask if this young one later in life joins another religion is there any sanctions . Pin them down on excommunication . Then kindly suggest that you cannot have anything to do with a religion that shuns people for going to church. Remember always say church not KH.

    I want to welcome my beautiful wife here, she has found my user name and has my alerts, I just wanted her alerted to my love.

  • apocalypse

    Your wife is here now? Super. After being on here for a decade, my wife woke up to the truth and is here now too.

    Great news!

  • Bonsai

    Let's make this a door stopper series thread.

    Door stopper #2: What have JW's ever gotten right independent of what any other religion has predicted? Answer: Nothing. Every unique prediction or interpretation of the bible that they have ever made has either not come to pass, or ended up being demonstrably false.

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