Story exemplifies REAL jaydub "love"

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  • blackguard

    This story is from two Melbourne,Australia newspapers, March 15, 2003. Upon first hearing this story I was saddened. My mind wandered off subject for a moment as I recalled how similar this story is to real life in the watchtower culture. Perhaps some of you here can relate to this:-

    "Elsie Brown died alone and for almost two years nobody noticed she was gone. Only the skeketon of the 75 year old woman remained...". "Maurice Hadley(a jaydub elder not identified as such in the story), who lived behind Mrs Brown said he always had a feeling she would die alone. He said he always regretted not knocking on her door to see how she was. 'I'm sorry I didn't act on my gut feelings' , he said. 'You read about this type of thing happening in New York or Harlem, but you never think something like this could happen in sleepy old McKinnon (the suburb)', he said." Quote from The Herald-Sun. "Neighbour Maurice Hadley said he had not seen Mrs Brown whom he knew as Betty for about four years", said The Age.

    Mr Hadley's love and concern for his neighbor was about as warm as a meat freezer in Siberia on a winter's day. In this he was no different from his worldly Philistine neighbors that were quoted in the newspapers. What basis is there to expect him to be any different toward his so-called spiritual 'brothers', most of whom he is forced to be suspicious of?

    Mr Hadley's type of love exemplifies, for me, how the majority of watch tower elders manifest "genuine love" for their fellowman and spiritual brothers. I gotta wonder when he referenced New York and Harlem if there was some subliminal Freudian slip about how "true love" is expressed in the watch tower religious headquarters of New York.

  • Latte


    Poor woman, sad, most sad story.

    He said he always regretted not knocking on her door to see how she was. 'I'm sorry I didn't act on my gut feelings'

    Perhaps he didn't have the time? No, couldn't be that....he had FOUR years!

    Didn't act on his gut feelings? The 'natural affection' was......just not there! (sounds about right)

  • Huxley

    Sounds like totally conditional (and conditioned) love. That's really a sad story, it makes me want to reach out to my neighbors more. Not just on a Saturday morning.


  • neyank

    Guaranteed that if she was someone the elder was trying to recruit into the cult, he would have been there constantly but, seeing as she was already a member,why bother? He can't score any points that way. Isn't that the way it is in the org.? They trip over themselves trying to get you asimilated into their group but once you get there...... they stop dead in their tracks. Truly a shame. But what more can be expected from a book publishing company? neyank

  • Maverick

    Dear Blackguard: To J-dud central we were all acceptable losses. Loyalty is so far down the GBG's hierarchy of values as to be non existent. They require unconditional love and support but give none in return. ...Jeopardy answer; The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Question; Who are hypocrites? Maverick

  • blondie

    This reminds me of an experience told to me about an ill older sister with a non-JW husband. The sister had missed meetings for weeks but no one had called her or visited her. Finally the body selected 2 brothers to call on her (unannounced of course. If they had called they might have saved themselves some embarrassment). They knocked on the door and the ex-JW husband answered. The brothers asked to see the wife. The man's face turned white then red then he said, "You're a little late. We buried her 2 weeks ago."

    Her illness had taken a turn form the worse and she had died in the hospital without one JW checking on her. The husband showed the elders out briskly and suggested strongly that they not come back.


  • RunningMan

    This story seems more than a little ironic. JWs spend their lives knocking on doors. But, they only do it when they can count time. If a person needs help, that's just too bad, because their concern ends with your willingness to convert.

  • blackguard

    What you guys say remind me of an account rendered by a Brooklyn big shot a few years ago during the dedication of a new KH in Pacific Beach, San Diego. He told the audience that a jaydub couple in Japan were ostracized by the Friends; they were labelled as "not loving God anymore" because they were no longer seen at meetings.. The story has it that a visiting elder called on this couple only to find that the couple were so despondent because the wife had been raped by an elder. Even the corporate watchtower hegemony has had its share of perverts, such as pedophiles and homosexuals. I'm aware of other expressions of jaydub 'love' such as incitement to suicide, murders, homosexual and heterosexual rapes and much fornication in the watchtower culture, but I don't know to what degree this type of 'love' is practised by the corporate hegemony.

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