Matthews 24:14 And Watchower Corporation's Cart Witness To The World And Then The End Will Come

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The speaker fishing for a young child's to comment asks: "Where is the scripture found that forms the basis for our preaching/witnessing work?" A ton of hands from the older ones of this vastly aged crowd, and finally at some hesitation a hand goes up from the recently baptized 8 year old with the correct answer and proudly exclaims when the microphone gets to him:"Matt. 24: 14." to which all the old timers smile with approval as he sets a fine example for the 2 or 3 remaining young ones forced to go to these indoctrination sessions by their parents.

    Matt. 24:14 and the new member of the Watchtower Corporation devices to fulfill it's commission as God's mouthpiece/organization blah blah blah rhetoric::: standing next to a cart filled with Watchtower indoctrination rubbish in public places.

    I think cart witnessing is going to backfire on the Watchtower Indoctrination Society big time like in a huge way, especially with so many apostates that now can go up to them and give them a clever XJW witness about all kinds of dirt on the WT corporation. Over time this has to be very very bad for the corporation. Not only that but for a JW to sit near one of those carts to get their time so as to keep the elders off their back got to be extremely demoralizing. No body wants their printed childish superstitious rubbish in this age of instant information. Cart witnessing spell a time of the end not for the world but for the Watchtower false profit$$ enterprise and show just how desperate they must be in that they will subject their indoctrinated brain dead members to such cruelty as to publicly display themselves as brain dead lackeys siting behind a cart of an organization racked with scandal, humiliating to the extreme, as well as pathetic. I see this as a fitting end to the witness work, Matthew 24:14 hoopla.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Long live the carts! Down with WT!

    How genius can that be?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Not very genius like for sure. Which I think demonstrates the Governing Body's lack of creativity in dealing with their present situation if all they can come up with is the standing by a cart full of Watchtower logos and false childish bull shit about a better government by a cruel dictator Jehovah and 144001 henchmen.

  • Finkelstein

    The preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ by the WTS. has been nothing but a commercialized fraud, full of lies and corruption, but its publishing house so its wasn't willing to change its doctrines because it didn't want to look dishonest and loose followers (sales representatives) or the circulation of its published works.

    A plethora of calculated BS wrapped in a bow tie religious virtue.

    Religious Publishing houses are indeed a Snare and a Racket.


    Beroean Pickets [Meliti Vivlon] has a very good essay on Matt 24 if you care to take a gander thereĀ¬

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