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  • lollydawdle

    Hi everyone:

    Hope this works! Jack101 is having trouble posting and has asked me to post this message for him. If it doesn't work, I'll try something different.

    "Anyone interested in knowing more
    about this Meetup>>the one that is
    held in NYC, please let me know
    by e-mailing me at:
    I have only attended two of these
    Meetups, Febuary and March of this
    year>>with between 5-8 individuals
    in attendance. All of those attend
    are ex-JWs, and have come out
    for various reasons..except me
    since I have never been a JW.
    Also there is a very special Convention,
    being held in October in PA...This
    Convention will be celebrating its
    25th Anniversary this year and this
    will make my 25th year attending.
    This Convention, "Witness Now for
    Jesus Convention", is a gathering
    of ex-JWs, usually about 300-400,
    for the three day Convention, and
    others who have a "burden" for
    JWs. I have information on this
    Convention...." Thanks - Jack101

    Oh yippee, it worked. Thanks y'all.

  • mouthy

    Clever Girl Lolly Dawdle--- what would he do without you LOL

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