Electric bill is raised by 50%

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  • Sadie5

    Got our electric bill yesterday, what a shock! Our bill runs high as it is with a large family. but they tacked on 50% more with a fuel rate charge. I called the company to ask what's the deal, and was told it was the fuel cost to provide electricity and they were just passing the cost on to consumers, they weren't making a dime off of it. Said it was due to foreign countries raising their prices and it will go up more.

    I dread seeing summer come, the rates go up and the air conditioner runs up the bill more. And they'll tack on more with this fuel rate charge. We'll have to take out a loan to pay the electric bill.

    It will be a long HOT summer.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Same here Sadie. In fact, another customer of my son's said the same thing. I watched the news the other day and this lady is now using public transportation instead of her car. She spends over $100.00 on gas. People who are on a budget are feeling the pinch and it will get worse.

    Guest 77

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