Pope Francis Versus Geoffrey Jackson

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  • Village Idiot
  • Zoos
    Now, now... we shouldn't judge Geoffrey Jackson until we have walked a mile in his Guccis.
    Now, now... we shouldn't judge Geoffrey Jackson until we have walked a mile in his Guccis.....Zoos

    ..........Or Driven A Mile In WBT$ GB "Rock Star Pope"

    .....................Geoffrey Jackson`s "BENTLEY"..

    ......Image result for Bentley


    ........................THATS HOW I ROLL BABY!!..

    ......................Image result for Watchtower Geoffrey jackson

  • Vidiot

    Francis reminds me of Yoda.

    Jackson reminds me of Jabba.

  • sparrowdown
    Geoffrey Jackson and Mark Sanderson remind me of Commander Strax from DR who.
  • sparrowdown

    OMG, Sparrow!! It's so awesome that you know that!! Hanging with you at a comic-con would be so fun!!!


  • sparrowdown

    The Strax translation of the latest construction stoppages would be...

    "The dwelling is under attack. Don't panic human scum"

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Please don't compare the JW's to the Catholic Church.

    I know Catholic boys who were raped by priests for years and years and years even after it was well-known in the parish or the parish that they came from before that about what was going on. It is known, and this is indisputable, that priests were actively molesting and their higher ups were covering it up. These priests didn't molest one or two or ten kids. They molested hundreds! I know one who molested over 400 boys, one of which was my friend who killed himself now. And the Catholic Church not only did nothing at all, no rebuke even from the inside, they helped these monsters by moving them around to one place after another and even to one country after another (nobody got defrocked or excommunicated and there was no acknowledgement that any molestation even happened). Do you know how many kids were raped and molested by Catholic priests? We're talking about hundreds of thousands. And Pope after Pope not only covered it up they kept those guys going when they knew they were still molesting kids.

    For all their faults I don't know of a single Witness case where anyone knowingly knew someone was actively molesting and they did nothing (perhaps there is but I haven't heard of that case yet). But in the Catholic Church they knew priests were actively molesting and they did nothing. As a matter of fact the Pope's and Bishops covered up for those who were actively molesting. The key would here being "actively."

    To compare the two is simply an insult to those Catholic kids who were betrayed by every level of power in the Catholic Church. Comparing the Catholic Church scandal to JW's is like comparing the Titanic to Gilligan and Skipper's boat. Now this Pope makes a few conciliatory comments and he's great? He's a joke too!

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