Model Car Fun: Christine II

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  • Bendrr

    Another of my little projects presented for your viewing pleasure.

    Remember the Steven King book and movie Christine? '58 Plymouth Fury. Actually the movie used quite a few '58 Plymouths and not all of them Fury's. They also used a few Belvedere's. AMT has a '58 Belvedere kit painted to match Christine that you can find in just about any hobby shop. I started to buy only the Belvedere, intending to put a "Christine" on my shelf, then I changed my mind and decided to go custom. So I also bought the Dodge Viper kit and did a little body work. I'm also going to put in the Viper's massive V-10 engine and update the interior. Then when done, spray the body red with a liberal dose of gloss clear-coat.


  • JamesThomas

    Bendrr, Fine workmanship there. Who ever would have thought of morphing together a Viper and a 58? ( did, of course) I'm not into models myself, but can appreciate what your doing. I get the feeling your a perfectionist and spend a great deal of time on the finest of detail. Do you build them one at a time? or have several going? How many do you have in your present collection? JamesT

  • Bendrr

    James I used to have a bunch of models, mostly Mopars. Over the years they've all disappeared.

    I've got a few projects going. Ferrari Enzo (F-60, the newest one), Ferrari F-50, 1/16 scale Lamborghini Countach (I love pasta rockets, especially Lamborghini's), a hybrid '57 Chevy with a NASCAR front and rear suspension, engine and exhaust and wide low-profile tires, and the Belvedere. I've got a completed Dukes of Hazzard General Lee '69 Charger and am considering building another one but this time go hybrid with it like the Belvedere.

    And yes I am indeed a perfectionist. The extent of which probably explains why I live alone and am single.


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