Wallkill, Patterson, Warwick etc - A Beginner's Guide Please?

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  • cofty

    Could anybody give us a brief summary of what these facilities are please?

    Brit who has been out for 20 years is confused. Thanks.

  • sir82

    Wallkill - formerly "Watchtower Farms" - currently where (what's left of) the printing work is done in the USA.

    Patterson - the Watchtower "education center". Classes for missionaries, COs, branch servants, etc. are held here.

    Warwick - under construction. To be the new "world headquarters" when completed, administrative offices to be moved from current Brooklyn location to here when completed in early 2017.

  • cofty

    Thank you sir82

    I remember mention of Patterson just before I left. I could never work out why they needed a new facility for that. Wasn't there a spare classroom or 2 at Brooklyn?

  • wifibandit
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    JW org have a nerve to call their building at Patterson the "Education Center"...this mind twisting cult imagines that propaganda is education. They don't understand the distinction between the two. No wonder JWs are held back educationally.
  • jhine

    Thank you for asking the question Cofty , as a never a JW Brit ,I was confused by mention of these places as well .! Thanks for the explanations guys .


  • Listener
    Does anyone know how many bethelites work there?
  • JustMe2
    Do they do as much farming at the (erstwhile) Watchtower Farms as they used to? And do they still have the "hotel" at Patterson? It still makes my stomach knot up when I think of all the money, and volunteers' time and money, used just so visitors could spend the night.
  • SecretSlaveClass


    The wife and I drive past there whenever we visit Mohonk. It doesn't seem like much of a farm to me but then a lot of it is hidden from the roadside view. I'm also not aware of where the boundaries of their property are so The few cattle I've seen may even belong to a neighboring farm. I would have expected the actual farm land to be more impressive but even the self propelled irrigation system seems inadequate.

  • Vidiot
    Pretty sure the ongoing "consolidation" effort will include transferring the Walkill and Patterson functions and staff to newly-minted equivalents at Warwick before too long (with said former locations sold shortly after)...

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