At least we didn't do this in the WT

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  • qwerty


    A Fanny is the British word for a womens front butt!

    ........What are the connotations to the Brits of the phrase "fanny fatigue"?

    Come on!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


  • LyinEyes

    Well , we might not have done that kind of thing Mega, but boy sometimes it would have been easier to just slash our heads open than to go thru the torture of some of the things we had to Francois is right , I would rather take a sword to my head than go back and sit at the meetings, assemblies, field service. etc.

    Hey WT you want my blood,,,,,,,,,,,well here pass me a sword , let's just get this over with and let me bleed for you!!!!!!!!! LOL ,,,,,,,, although it really doesnt seem that funny afterall does it?

    Seeing so much in the news about these cults and their stange rituals only makes me see for sure that we were also in a cult. Before I would have never thought as a JW that JW's were a cult. But if it "walks like a duck, quacks like a duck", well then the WT sure qualifies as a destructive cult.

    You know this reminded me of a girl I knew as a JW, she was always depressed over some sin the WT said she committed, even her thoughts, she was just a teen. She used to slice herself , to really make herself bleed and it would leave scars. She did it to punish herself to prove to Jehovah how sorry she really was, and the scars would later remind her of what she did. I know now from things Ihave read what was behind all of that. THey say that people who do this , find a comfort in hurting themselves, because it brings some kind of release to their pain. It is sad but there are alot of JW's who use some kind of self destruction in some kind of way. Some destroy themselves with alcohol, to the extreame, drugs like tranqualizers, and pushing themselves to the physical limit in field service all the JW works, to just survive being a witness. I know not all JW's are this way, but there are some that do because they are so hard on themselves.

  • alfie

    We may not have gone this far to be sure, but I remember when I once cut off my nose to spite my face.



  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    It looks like a tryout for the last scene in the movie "Carrie".

  • ballistic

    I would love to run through that crowd with a bag of salt and a jiffy lemon squeezer.

  • teenyuck
    A Fanny is the British word for a womens front butt!


  • COMF

    Let's be sure to raise the kids in the way, now.

  • MegaDude


    The JW girl you were talking about that used to slice herself up until she bleed, and the religious fanatics above, you are absolutely right. It's the same psychological dynamic going on: Stupid religious shame and guilt.


    Didn't know the kids were forced into it. That mother's expression in one of your pics has the same glassy eye'd tranced out smiling face I'd see on JWs all the time.

  • shera

    !!!!! OMG !

  • Skeptic
    I'm willing to bet that they are probably bright enough to accept a blood transfusion after the ceremony, to avoid death though.

    Who's crazier?

    Heaven, I was going to say the same thing, but you expressed it perfectly. And yes, Muslims do accept blood transfusions.

    I used a similar argument after the Heaven's Gate tragedy...JWs will give their lives willingly for their beliefs, just as the Heaven's Gate members did. So who is crazier? Needless to say, my JW wife did not appreciate hearing that!

    BTW, folks, if any of you have been in car accident, chances are you know that it only takes a minor cut to the head to produce what seems like one hellva lot of blood. Chances are, the sword only makes a very small cut. I suspect the ceremony, though weird by our standards, is safe.

    It is easy to view a different religion as really weird. Look how weird the JW religion is, but most of us all thought it was reasonable when we were in it. And we wondered why others thought we were nuts; OK, maybe we didn't exactly wonder but we thought they just didn't understand.


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