What Every Jehovah's Witness Should Know - and Meditate on!

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    In a previous post -


    the simplicity and beauty of Jesus' words when compared with the evil filth of the self-appointed governing body/FDS of J.W.'s, was plainly exposed.

    Having come across further evidence of their double-speak and anti-Christ teachings, (lying about Jesus' teaching is anti-Christ isn't it?) I felt that every J.W. should have access to any information which relates to why the org demands they confess their sins to men.

    w77 11/15 p. 693 par. 1 Genuine Repentance—How Is It Identified?

    "ELDERS are not ‘father confessors’ who have been authorized to forgive all the sins that members of the congregation may commit. It is Jehovah God who forgives the sins of repentant ones, doing so on the basis of his Son’s atoning sacrifice. Therefore, a person’s being forgiven by Jehovah is not dependent upon his confessing his sins to the elders. (1 John 1:8,9; 2:1,2) However, (WT loves to insert "however" before it presents erroneous statements as facts) by serious transgression, a person can also sin against the congregation. This is the case because gross wrongdoing can bring much reproach and trouble upon the congregation with which the wayward one is associated. Hence, (here it comes!) elders representing the congregation should make sure that the individual is genuinely repentant before extending forgiveness to him for the bad name that he has given to the congregation."

    Didn't the article start off by saying such things as "elders are not confessors", and not "authorized to forgive all the sins", that "it is Jehovah God who forgives", and that a person’s being forgiven by Jehovah is not dependent upon his confessing his sins to the elders. All of a sudden, elders can read a person's mind to see if they are genuinely repentant, as well as miraculously having the authority to impart forgiveness. Jesus' blood wasn't enough to cover it?

    Bottom line for all Jehovah's Witness: if you voluntarily confess your sins to J.W. elders, you are disregarding what Christ said in order to obey the false traditions of the org.

    Putrid anti-scriptural practices such as public/private reproofs (and many vindictive disfellowshippings) would vanish overnight if Matthew 18:15-17 was strictly applied.

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