The Jehovah`s Witness / Watchtower Religion is Just Another American Born Cult Religion

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  • smiddy

    The International bible Students Association of Charles Taze Russell and his associates were influenced by other Cults of his time most of which believed they were living in the last days , the End times of Bible prophecy .

    Some of which were , the many Adventists sects , the Christadelphians , Mormons ,and the Adventists playing a huge influence on Russells writings,

    Was Charles Taze Russell chosen by Jehovah to lead a revival of the true religion on earth ? Over a hundred years ago ?

    If so , why is the religion of Jehovah`s Witnesses so completely different from what it was in Charles Taze Russells day

    Almost all of what C.T.Russell preached in his day is now discarded as false by the current Governing Body of Jehovah`s Witnesses today,


  • Lieu

    Russell truly believed he was living in the time of the rapture. It seemed to me that guy was just trying to understand the Bible better which is why he didn't mind meeting with those who had differing viewpoints. Pretty much it was a bunch of people from various protestant groups throwing ideas and dates around.

    I don't think he was actally trying to lead anything. Also, he could be questioned about a particular belief.

    WTBTS is embarrassed by his means of calculations and that whole pyramid fixation. Although, Egyptology was all the rage back then. Even the Mormons claimed being chosen from some ancient Egyptian writings given to them by an apparently non English literate angel.

    Now Rutherford, he was the arrogant one that claimed the group was "chosen", came up with using what's thought to be God's name (even Jesus didn't do that), began to degrade other Christian groups, and to set up the monster which cannot be questioned.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said smiddy.

    Yes, if Jehovah with his Holy Spirit chose them, and they taught with zeal so many things that are now said to be incorrect, the question is:

    Was Jehovah getting things wrong, or was it wrong of the society to say they were chosen by God?

    They can't have it both ways! So which is it...?

  • LongHairGal


    I agree that JWs are just another American born cult religion. Their old teachings are an embarrassment. They use the term "new light" to imply they got heavenly direction to change things. This implies that some person or persons are some sort of conduit for God. Does somebody go into a trance?..Ridiculous, really.


    In my opinion, they spoke presumptuously.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i remember when my mum first dragged me to a meeting--i was about 11 years old. i can still remember a lot of the brothers seemed to be talking with an american accent. this was in the UK--about 56 years ago.

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