How can taking oaths if allegiance to the USA align with political neutrality?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    How can taking oaths OF allegiance to the USA align with political neutrality?

    Oath of Allegiance to The United States of America

    In 1891 Charles Taze Russell pledged the oath of allegiance.

    In 1922 Joseph Rutherford pledged the oath of allegiance.

    In 1935 Watchtower published this article about one of Jehovah’s witnesses:

    In 1952 Milton Henschel pledged the oath of allegiance.

    In 1966 Nathan Knorr pledged the oath of allegiance.

    In 1966 Fred Franz pledged the oath of allegiance.

    In 1968 Watchtower wrote the following of Jehovah’s Witnesses

    in Malawi and why they suffered horrendous persecution:

    In 1971 Nathan Knorr again pledged the oath of allegiance.

    Oath of Office for Military Personnel in the United States Army:

  • truth_b_known

    Wow! What a find!!!

    I would like to see the Watchtower "Overlap" themselves out of this one.

  • Biahi

    I think you have to take the oath to get a passport, must be “ theocratic warfare”. Probably took the oath with finger crossed behind their backs. Lol

  • Atlantis


    And that's not all. N.H. Knorr wrote a letter to the Secretary Of State in 1943 asking favors and gave this high ranking official his entire schedule.

    Where he was going, and where he would leave, and asked for advice. Knorr even spoke of other Government Officials he had visited.

    Everywhere Knorr was going to visit, the dates, details of his visits and the whole she-bang was in his letter to the Secretary Of State.

    Another Watchtower Official went to the "War Board" to get paper to print the Watchtower and Awake magazines on. There was a shortage of paper back in those days and the Tower officials had to go to "Satan's" organization for supplies.

    All that stuff is back there in the (pm) breakroom by the blueberry muffins and coffee pot. Just let me know if you want it and I'll snatch it up for you. Boy, these muffins are good!


  • Atlantis

    Ok, here you go!

    1943 Knorr letter to Secretary Of State

    Watchtower Benefits From War Production Materials

  • Etude


    Very, very interesting. Although, it would be a problem showing this to my still-JW siblings or any other JW without specific sources. The documents look legit. But it would be very easy for any of them to claim they were manufactured or photoshopped. Can you give a little bit of background on how and from where they ended up in your post? Thanks. Etude.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Etude,

    All US citizens prior to 1972 had to sign an oath of allegiance in order to get a passport. So all WTS F&DS Presidents prior to 72 needed to sign oaths to travel abroad.

    G72 10/8 p. 29 Watching the World

    Passport Oath

    “United States passport applicants will be interested in the following statement from the August 3, 1972, Postal Bulletin: “On the basis of recent court action and until further notice, the requirement that an oath of allegiance be sworn to or affirmed is no longer a part of the passport application process. Accordingly . . . any applicant who desires may strike the oath of allegiance from the application. Postal officials should, of course, continue to administer the oath as to the truth of the statements in the application and that the photograph is a likeness of all persons to be included in the passport.”

  • truthlover123

    Losch did too when he immigrated to the U S in 1991

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