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  • nowisee

    has anyone found a way to reconcile homosexuality with scripture? im really interested in an answer to this.

  • logical

    judge not let ye be judged yourself

    RAYZORBLADE oh man, have you ever got things going on here...whew!

    Um...I have been shown, but cannot remember, various scriptures (FUNDIES going into occular gyro-crisis right now) that would reconcile homosexuals.

    _________________fundamentalist christains flat-lining upon reading this thread .

    Someone who believes in the bible, may be able to post something here...but I'm sure you'll see the fire n' brimstone posts any minute now.

    Sorry I cannot give you any scriptural references, as I don't believe in the book, so I have no use for it.

    This should be interesting.....I'll be back in a few hours to meet my Maker.

    Rayzorblade of the "fire retardant clothing optional class".

  • Buster

    I haven't. But I'll say that I think many people overstate the homo thing. OK, even if it is against scripture, I can accept the existance of a couple guys that kiss each other one heck of lot faster than I can accept an unscrupulous construction contractor. Even if it is wrong, so is speeding and so is eating an unhealthy diet. I don't think it needs to be reconciled, just put in perspective.

  • DanTheMan

    Here's a website you might find interesting - the guy has published a couple of books.

  • nowisee

    thank you, logic, razorblade, buster & dan the man. i would hope that judgementalism would not be found on this board considering where most of us have been and assure you that judgement isnt my motive - just trying to sort things out. dan the man, i just went to the website you kindly gave me - it looks very informative and im sure it will keep me busy for awhile!

  • starScream

    Homosexual activity is a sin according to the bible. Everyone commits sins according to the bible.

    If a homosexual wants to be a Christian, he/she needs to recognize that it is wrong just like the rest of us have to recognize our sins are wrong. You can't justify a sin by saying you can't help it. We already know you can't help it. Some of us can't help but want our neighboors wives. I will admit I'm guilty of that even right now. If you could help it then Jesus did not die for you. If you want to be justified apart from sin then recognize your sin and trust in Christ for forgiveness.

    A Christian is by nature a sinner and therefore unable to claim spiritual supremacy over someone because they are attracted to a particular sin. In terms of Judgement I think it is perfectly clear that Jesus demonstrated love over judgement. If you do want to judge I would recommend that at the very least you also judge yourself lest you be self-righteous and therefore damned.

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