A Beautiful Day in The neighbourhood ,Mr Rogers.

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  • smiddy3

    I saw this movie today and I am amazed that their were 31? seasons of it ? That it enthralled children and adults ?

    In the movie he came across in real life how he was in his kids TV shows and he annoyed me somewhat.

    Sugary sweet ,syrupy ,didn`t talk like a normal human being and never got out of his character TV personality role.

    And the kids loved him ? I`m glad I wasn`t subjected to his show as a kid.

  • LV101

    I'm trying to see the movie but it's not at the theaters any longer here or I can't locate it. Anyone know if it's playing on Netflix, etc? Is it a wait game until the TV pay channels offer it?

    I 'heard' the movie 'Good Liar' is pretty good.

  • Acerbitous

    Children's TV is for feeling, not thinking and I quit trying to figure out why little kids loved TeleTubbies-

    I wish a JW would visit SpongeBob Squarepant's pineapple house- that would make for some big laughs.

    I find, It's not hard to make JWs look silly in real life.

  • betterdaze
    Anyone know if it's playing on Netflix, etc?

    The trailer on Youtube says February 3, 2020.

  • JoenB75

    Well he was loved.

  • Simon

    I haven't seen it yet and didn't grow up with it, as it was a US thing, but it seems like he was a well-loved character and there's nothing wrong with being nice, kind and softly spoken and that being a role model for children.

    Some of the stories I've heard make him sound like a truly nice man who cared about individuals. Such as the fact that he always announced when he was feeding the fish ... because a blind girl had written to him worried that the fish weren't always being fed.

  • ToesUp

    I liked the movie. This world needs more Mr. Rogers. Kind, loving and non judgmental.

  • iwantoutnow

    He was a great man and his show was very important to me as a kid.

    His appeal to congress to keep funding Public Broadcasting was amazing.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I felt the movie was great. A human being who cared about children and adults alike. But being human he had his flaws or should I say a dark side. He loved dirty jokes and loved to use foul language. That doesn't make him bad but just being human. The borg could have learned alot from Mr. Roger's but they couldn't because they have their head to far up their butt. Still Totally ADD

  • EmptyInside

    I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. Keep in mind,his show was for preschoolers.

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