Biblical clues to what God the Jews worshipped

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  • Crazyguy

    Recently there is a royal bulla that was found in Jerusalem, that of the judean king Hezekiah on it was two Egyptian Ankhs and a wings sun disk. There have been other artifacts found with that of the Egyptian Scarab beatle which relates to sun worship. So does the Bible give any clues to the God of the Jews?

    In 2 chronicles chapter 35 it's talking about the good king Josiah who once again cleaned up his kingdom from pagan worship. He is also the grandson of another good king that cleaned up Judea from pagan worship, Hezekiah. But then at about verse 20 he rises up to go out to do battle with the Egyptian king Neco. According to the Bible Neco sends messengers to Josiah saying, "what have we to do with each other, o king of Judah? I am not coming against you today but against the house I'm at war with, and God has ordered me to hurry. Stop for your own sake from interfering with God who is with me, so that he will not destroy you." OK so an Egyptian king is talking as if his God is the same as the God of Josiah, what? And in the end Josiah doesn't listen and dyes in battle. Again what? The good king of God the king of the chosen people dyes and instead an evil foreign king wins and gods with him? WHAT?

    Could it be that the God of the Jews was possibly at some time an Egyptian God? Could the reason why there are so many Scriptures railing against the worship of Baal, Ashurah and others of the Canaanite Pantheon is because the Jews we're worshipping an Egyptian God? Could these artifacts found over the years be pointing to this idea? Could the fact that at least two synogogues in the area one called Bet Alpha and the other called Hammath Tiberias built much later but show the sun God Helios be a clue? Could the writings of a second century bce historian stating the God Of the jews is Iao and this same name showing up in the dead see scrolls make it more obvious? Did the Jews really worship Amen-ra which is the original name for the Greek God Helios ie Iao? Is the evidence becoming obvious?

  • Darkknight757

    Thought this was interesting although not sure if it is fact.

    Who was Amun Ra?

    Ra, or better know as Amun Ra, gained popularity and fame from Dan Brown's novel 'The Lost Symbol' and 'Da Divanci Code.' Robert Langdon, in the novel 'The Lost Symbol', explained to his students at Harvard University how he prayed to Ra during full moon nights with others who believed in this mystical Egyptian King, who many advised was a being of another world. Langdon went on to explain how George Washington, too, prayed to Amun Ra. For me as an author, my introduction to Amun Ra was done by Jordan Maxwell, who explained, as to why Christians say 'Amen' at the end of each prayer. This is due to the fact The Vatican Church always wanted to pay tribute to King Ra, whose life they cloned into their own version called 'The Bible', and its Character Jesus Christ, who lived the exact same life as Ra; while Ra was born 3,000 years before Jesus.

    Secret Informaiton on Amun Ra!

    Amun Ra had a very similar pattern to Jesus Christ, per the book name "The Book of Dead". It is the holy book of Egyptian History.

    His mother name was Meri, while his father name was Josep. The birth of Ra, was predicted because of a comet/star. When he was born, the Sheppard’s, and farmers witnessed his birth. Egyptian King Herut tried to kill him for plaguing the minds of people about the one true God. When Ra turned thirty, he decided to get baptized. The person, who baptized him, had his head cut-off. He was followed by 12 disciples, and, since he is considered the son of Sun god, the 12 disciples were the 12 zodiac signs. Amazingly, he also performed miracles, and walked on water like Christ. Ra was also crucified like Christ. He was buried in a tomb, and was resurrected in three days. He also performed, 'sermon on the mount' like Jesus. I wrote about Ra in Kyirux II.

    The Lord of Truth and father of man: these were some of the terms Amun Ra was known as amongst his people in Egypt back 25-3500 years ago. Although Wikipedia has the dates for Amun Ra's historical indexing, they however are not accomidated by great researchers. Amun Ra's true date of existence is only an educated guess, even in the book of dead. The only way they have determined the date for Amun Ra's existance as the Egyptian King, is the hydrophilic found in the 'City of Kings'.

  • opusdei1972
    Another contradiction in the Bible.
  • Crazyguy
    Most of that info is inaccurate, both Amun and RA before they became one had parents none we're named Mari or Joseph. The book of the dead also doesn't really have any similarities in it regarding this God to Jesus. There is other writings associated with the 12 hour journey threw the underworld that may have some similarities to that of Horus and Christ but I haven't read these yet. The book of the dead does show similarties between Christian beliefs and those of the Egyptians
  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Some likely did worship Egyptian gods. The Omrides worshipped Yhwh ...despite what the book of Kings tells us. But yhwh was one on the 70 sons of El and likely came from south of Edom...prehaps near Egypt.

    Yes the Iao issue is easy.... before the Hasmoeon dynesty I dont think there was any issue whose god you worshipped. That one family of priests took control of religion.

    We know certian houses in Israel and Judah in pre exilic timnes worshipped yhwh but not as anymore then a war god.

    In the Persian era yhwh was worshipped however likely zorastrainism contributed to monotheism becoming norm.

    The hellenistic era prior to 150 bce was a mixed bag likely. For instance the was astatue of moses on an ass in the temple in 200bce lol

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Interesting OP!

    When the news about that bulla broke, several Witnesses shared that news item on Facebook.

    All comments were "you see, Bible is true and correct!"

    Until someone noticed the winged suns and Tammuz / phallic symbol.

    Then most comments were "Yeah right, as if that belonged to Hezekiah"

    Well waddayathink.....some other king Hezekiah son of Ahaz lived in the palace on mount Ofel at the same time, and threw his bulla out?

    They don't recognise truth if it slaps them in the face :-(

    (And yes, most of us were the same before we woke up)

  • Crazyguy
    How the Bible was created, what temple was there a statue of Moses on a ass? And yes I agree there's plenty of evidence that the israelites worshipped Canaanite.Gods ,and we're influenced by the Assyrians, persian and Babylonians gods even worshipping them, but the Egyptian influence seems to have been ignored by a lot of experts. I'm thinking during the time of the guy David down till the Babylonian captivity the Jews we're worshipping Egyptian God's. My opening post and it's reasons as well as the Solomon temple and how it's so closely resembles Egyptian temples etc. Is some of the many reasons I believe this. I believe these stories to be just mer legend but all the details point to Egypt.
  • Mephis

    Thing with Hezekiah is that though he's a 'good king', it's Josiah who goes full Yahweh on the worship of other gods. There's room to drive a pantheon of gods through the holes left around Hezekiah clearing out the temple.

    The problem with the Egyptian link is that Palestine was, on and off, Egypt's playground. That there was a significant cultural presence is already known. But it doesn't seem to have played a direct role in the development of Yahweh. There's no evidence to support the Egypt > Yahweh idea. The scripture from 2 Chron. isn't really persuasive to me at all. Hezekiah may not even have been a Yahweh worshipper, and the seal itself doesn't make the link. The origins of Yahweh, to my mind, seem to follow the route all the way back to the Canaanite pantheon. (Frank Moore Cross' work still stands up.) I think there's ample evidence for Egyptian gods being worshipped in Canaan, Solomon's wife is the biblical reflection of it I guess. Maybe there were periods when they were the main culty thing to do.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    To get the Hebrew scriptures in perspective many considerations must be made. The first is to know at what time any Bible text was first made so as to understand what political motivation was involved. Most of the Bible is actually second hand in substance i.e. its concepts and gods and 'holy' texts are borrowed from other nearby cultures.

    Israel was very small potato as a national entity mainly because the population was confined to the desert hills of Canaan and few in number up until the 7th century BCE. Perhaps only 50,000 for much of the time (forget the nationalistic hyperbole of the Bible) which is about the population of one medium size town in the UK today. Because they were hill people, they had few natural resources except sheep and goat carcasses which they traded down in Egypt and later they produced and traded the more valuable olive oil as well and thereby sustained a larger population.

    Such a small nation would have been utterly dependent on their mighty neighbours and most especially as you have said Crazy Guy the Egyptians, but also the influences of Babylonian and Persian cultures were significant.On their western border they lived cheek by jowl with the Phoenicians who travelled the Mediterranean and beyond, trading all types of commodities and who probably introduced them to their ox-headed idol Jehovah the son of El, as well as the practice of child sacrifice.

    A final but not least consideration is the fact that 'sacred' texts, like any other hand written communication could be destroyed, contrived, have inconvenient facts erased and false evidence inserted...and most certainly this was the case. When politics demanded the worship of a particular deity or just one god above all other gods, the writings would tell the illiterate masses that this information is from the hand of God . After all if you couldn't read, writing itself would have looked like a divinely coded message.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

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