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  • Scooby

    Just want to say that, if you can, try to talk to witnesses when they come to your door....don't give up.

    A man I met in field service last year actually LISTENED to what I had to say when I came to his door. What a sweet man!!! He then stood there for a whole hour with me and my friend and we talked about TRUTH. He said he was a truth seeker too. I was ELATED. He invited me back and I took him a ton of literature of course. He READ IT!!!!!! Then we had another talk for an hour. He complimented me over and over on how much I truly cared about people and seeking the truth. That kissed my ego and made me feel good. He then looked me squarely in the eye and said. "You are going to grow past your religion" That scared me and confused me ....but I never ever forgot it.

    He talked about finding God through meditation and the love and peace...THAT was God. I sort of understood. He was a VERY VERY nice, respectful man who patiently listened and put up with me while trying to get him back on the wthr subject of the month.

    Obviously, his love made an I am posting on this board. When I have the courage one day... I will find this man and thank him. Please show compassion to the witnesses WHEN you are emotionally able. Some of us were unsure........who would help us? The TRUE love God has for us is one of acceptance and warmth. Please continue and always try to emulate that to the witnesses....they are in DESPERATE need of true I definately had none in the Borg.

    Much Love..........Scooby the Newbie

  • Maverick

    Dear Gentle soul: Very nice post. That was your problem with the J-duds, you are a thoughtful, loving person. You don't fit in, not vidictive and petty enough! May you have peace, Maverick

  • berylblue
    I definately had none in the Borg.

    Neither did I. Except for one whom I lost when I got DF.

    But I can sense very strongly that had I known you, we would have been friends.

    You are a beautiful person.

    Glad you're here.


  • JH

    True honest love and goodness is not taught in the org. They teach us presentations like business men would use to sell ideas and books.

    The have the envelope, but not the core, which is true christian love.


  • SixofNine

    Hi ScoobyNooby

    I agree with the gist of your post, very much. I even think I could pull it off, if I lived somewhere the witnesses didn't know me. But likely not nearly as well as this guy did. If he had never been a witness, I'm sure it was easier for both of you to meet in the middle and find common ground. If you thought he knew your religion well, you would have had your guard up, at least if you're anything like I was.

    I had the longest, nicest talk with mormons about religion that I've ever had (including the time I dated a mormon girl) yesterday. I let them do their thing, but no doubt left them with alot to think about. I even considered trying to make a larger theater of it all by accepting a study, but I'm not sure I have it in me to "act" as passively as such a drama would take to be effective. But hey, I've got a book of mormon, and the pictures are cool and the story is funny.

  • JamesThomas

    Scooby the Newbie, Loved your post. Sometimes we forget, that the Witnesses who come to our door are trapped. The try so hard to put on a happy face. Some open love and kindness from a stranger for no reason, is far more special than the oh so conditional "love" from another Witness. Certainly can't hurt. JamesT

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