Unacceptable type/antitype for JW'S.....

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  • BoogerMan

    .........because it would cancel out their "upper & lower class Christians" fairy story - aka the anointed & non-anointed.

    ANTITYPE: The fleshly nation of Israel and Exodus foreigner converts were participants of the Mosaic Covenant.

    TYPE: Christianity - the Israel of God ("spiritual Israel") and Gentile converts became participants in the New Covenant.

  • NotFormer

    In my understanding, the two class system was made from whole cloth by da Judge. Russell had both the 144000 and the great crowd in Heaven. Rutherford created the heavenly reward for himself and his mates only. Then, he realised that there was no incentive, no carrot, for the grunts whom he expected to carry the load going forward. So he hastily cobbled together "da Paradise Erf" to give the lower class something to work for.

  • ThomasMore

    NotFormer - WTC knows what a rotten Rutherford was, yet they hang on to some of his unique teachings. Did he conjure that one up while in bed with one of his paramours? I wonder.

  • NotFormer

    ThomasMore, he was certainly a one for pulling crazy ideas out of a hat. I miss Farkel; his takes on da Judge were hilarious.

  • Vidiot
    Ditto… pour one out for the Fark.

    Best one I heard was from Outlaw, though… “he lived as a rotten asshole… and he died from a rotten asshole” (colon cancer, for any newbies tuning in).

    I’ve long felt that if there’s any real sense of karma in the universe, he and Jaracz are cellmates in Hell.

    BTW, I think Rutherford might have cribbed the Paradise Earth idea from certain Hebrew schools of thought. I could be wrong.

  • NotFormer

    A cancerous arsehole, dying of cancer of the arsehole.

    Paradise earth was probably stolen from the Christadelphians.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    In my understanding, the two class system was made from whole cloth by da Judge.

    Russell taught the two-class system before Rutherford did.

  • NotFormer

    I know he had the 144000 vs the great crowd, but didn't they both go to Heaven?

  • Vidiot

    I think so, yeah.

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