More Model Car Fun: Ferrari F60

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  • Bendrr

    Not sure if anyone else is into model cars but if you are and you like pasta rockets, you've got to check out the Ferrari Enzo (F-60) from Tamiya. I'm currently working on one to grace my shelf.


  • Bendrr
  • DanTheMan
    pasta rockets

    LOL! I've never heard that one.

    Cool model, hey you just gave me an idea for taking up some slack time.

  • joannadandy

    It still doesn't compare to the Ken Doll I have inside my Barbie sized Dodge in Neons! RROW RROW!

  • Bendrr

    Joanna, how about a man in a slightly hopped-up red Geo Storm with a rockin' sound system?

    Dan, go for it. Just be prepared to shell out around $50 for the kit. Tamiya kits aren't cheap but the quality is well worth it. Every single part fits perfectly. There is absolutely no "flashing" (excess plastic left over from the molding process) to trim off. And best of all, there are no visible marks on those beautiful wheels when you cut them off the sprues because Tamiya took the extra few minutes to design the molds so that the cutoffs will be on the inside instead of the highly visible outside. Now of course I'm not saying the kit is easy to build. It takes a lot of patience and planning many steps in advance. I'll eventually be buying another Enzo kit because this first one is turning out to be a practice run, albeit a very pretty one.

    Now if you want to have some fun with cheap kits, I'm posting another thread about a custom I'm working on: Christine II.


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