End times

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  • pepperheart

    If the watchtower think that these are the end times why dont they employ all the people who used to work at bethel to go door to door or go on the cart FULL TIME.After all money is no good in paradise

  • smiddy3

    pepperheart , you have missed the point my friend ,the Watchtower /GB / WTB&TS do not employ anybody at all .

    All of Jehovah`s Witnesses from the Governing body members down to the rank & file member /publisher is no more than a volunteer .

    Certain members depending on where or how they serve in the organization may earn a stipend however that in no way should imply that they are employees of the said organization .

    They are only volunteers. and as such not employees ,legally

    And the WTB&TS /JW`s are not employers ,legally.

    But that`s how cult religions operate .

    And they get away with it legally .

  • alanv

    The question is more why did the org not reassign those who were asked to leave bethel, to become special pioneers. The answer is money. The org wanted to stop paying them, and that was more important to them than having those bethelites spend more time in the preaching work. So now it is up to those bethelites to fund their own ministry.

  • Researchedandenlightened

    The Jw,s in the town where i live stand daily outside of the bank , the same two or three individuals, and i have never once seen any members of the public engage in conversation with them , Hartlepool folk are too busy i guess !

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