Bethel Layoff Notices arrive under Bethellite doors

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  • ToesUp
    I feel sorry for them as well. On the flip side...some (not all) of these people getting the pink slip have outwardly condemned the ones who have chosen a different course (college, secular jobs and raising families). We hope some of these ones will come to the realization that you can not rely on anyone else but yourself. WT and the GB are only worried about themselves. Sad but true!
  • WingCommander
    I wonder.......I really, really wonder........if all of this could be the "wind-up" to the old belief (in the 70's and 80's in particular), that the JW's held that in the time of "The End", that the normal preaching work would cease, and instead of a message of warning would be sent out. A kind of, "I told you so", about the righteous Judgment that Jehovah God thru Jesus was about to dish out on mankind thru the Great Tribulation and then Armageddon. Think about it........what if these guys at the top, these delusional old fools who really buy into the religion (They are after all, the top zealots) have it in their heads that this is it......the persecution and apostasy has reached it's peak, and feel that the world is turning on religion, specifically JW's. Before Noah's Ark was shut, a warning went out about the impending doom to befall the pagans of that time. What if the current JW leadership feels it is now "time" for a similar message? So lay everyone off, keep on necessary staff to complete WorldWide HQ at Warwick, and very shortly send out the rank-n-file on a message of impending doom. That's what I was taught as a child in the 1980s, that at some point the preaching work would end, and a final message of vindication would go forth. Just a theory. Jim Jones was crazy. Applegate was insane, and Armstrong was equally as nutty. So too are the leaders of this Cult. Let's not forget, even with it's financial might, that's the root of this entire thing.......End Times Apocalyptic Annihilation.
  • James Jack
    James Jack
    Don't worry about it, Jehovah will take care of you, just the Watchtower won't!
  • Vidiot
    Jeezus, they don't even have the balls to knock on the doors and hand it to them in person???
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I wonder what morning text worship must have sounded like the morning after these notices to get the fuck out without a penny to help them with the transition were recieved. Must have been sad a sadness that will grow into extreme discontent as further news gets out to the rank and file (suckers) about all these lawsuits the GB have managed to accumulate in such a short time.
  • notjustyet

    Anyone think there might be some potential suicides happening from all the ones leaving bethel?


  • OverlappingGeneralizations
    Anyone else see the irony of leaving the message in the door, early in the morning, without knocking? Kinda like something a "half-hearted witness" would do while out in the ministry?
  • TheListener

    I guess I am callous or something but I don't really feel bad. They willingly gave up other opportunities in life while all the time feeling superior to others. They volunteered and were treated like celebrities in the congregations most of the time and they've lived pretty much free for as long as they've been at bethel working. It was a win-win situation for them, now the society doesn't need them so their volunteering is over.

    I doubt they'll wake up. Dubs seeing everything through the lens of 'this is the end - work work work'. They'll probably be more loyal than before since they'll be even more afraid the end is here.

  • Vidiot

    @ Listener...


    Like I said earlier this week, I find it hard to feel bad for people who've set themselves up to be screwed.

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