Lightbulb Moment ------> Two Witness Rule

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  • 4thgen

    What do you think? The JW's always say that there must be "two witnesses before a matter is firmly established". If that is the case, then why is the account of Moses and the 10 commandments or Jesus in the wilderness talking to Satan taken as fact? Moses and Jesus were both by themselves in the wilderness. Where was the second witness to these events?

    Certainly, victim plus forensic evidence in rape cases stand up more to scrutiny than an event with one person telling about an event they alone experienced. What a huge disconnect the WTBTS has!

    Just my two cents....

  • _Morpheus
    I have certainly considered the same. Add to it the fact that the bible dosent evem claim jesus wrote any accounts about himself so in his case we have him talking to the devil related THIRD HAND, not even he himself relating it. Sketchy dosent even begin to cover it
  • username

    The two witness rule is purely a control tactic used by the org to deture from litigation. There are many cases I've personally observed where one persons hearsay can land another in trouble without two Witnesses. The pioneers were very good at tittle tattle, all they had to do is go to an elder and before you know it your in the back room!

    Of course, the rank and file who try to keep their heads down but have no "privileges" were usually the favourite target!

  • Crazyguy
    Another real good one is in the book of Deut. If a man rapes a woman in a field and she screams but know one hears, he is to be stoned to death. Of course this is a contradiction from another chapter but where is the two witnesses in that proclamation?
  • Quarterback
    Excuse me....? Haven't you seen some of Cecille DeMille's BlockBuster Bible movies about the, "Ten Commandments", with Charlton Heston? There were more than 2 witnesses that saw those.
  • Vidiot
    A lot of us suspect that the GB insists on the two-witness rule specifically with regards to child abuse cases because some of them have ugly personal skeletons in their closets.

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