which will their downfall first KH"S or th...

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  • nojw86

    After reading silentlamb post today, i was shocked to find out that 23,OOO elders stepped down in 3 years, which leads me to believe that others in cong. would wonder as to wants going on within their cong. Then questions are to rise within the cong. Which would see its downfall first the WT or the closing of many KH'S

  • Fredhall


    The main elders are Jehovah and Jesus. No matter how many elders left, they will take care of us. Let Satan take care of you.

  • Stephanus

    Yep, you can't run an empire without taskmasters to whip the slaves into line. Of course the problem is that the elders stepping down are probably doing so because they have consciences; one assumes their replacements will be more willing to toe Brooklyn's line. Heck, maybe they'll be so desperate for elders they'll make Fred one; Lock up your children, everyone! :(

  • nojw86

    Fredhall, So JW are lookng for ordinary men (elders) to take care of them . The 23.OOO elders that stepped down which with will be many more to follow as we all know did indeed havethe backing if the almighty God. And what is left are the spawn of satan. PUt faith in God not ordinary men (elders) Becareful not to stumble your bros. or apostates afterall an apostate may have a change of heart and you may be used in bringing some one back........NOT HA HA HA HA

  • Martini

    Hi nojw86,

    I'm not all shocked at that statistic where it has been "said" that (2?,000) elders have stepped down in the last three years! Actually I wouldn't be surprized if thousands have stepped down each year since the expansion of the elder arrangement somewhere around 1972? The point is that there are always others more than eager to fill the empty spaces, even if just for "title"! Oh and especially so in western parts. Nowadays there is no need to wait for the CO's visit to appoint elders. I have noticed in recent times however that younger and less experienced men/boys are being recruited.What is more, some of these 'newly enlisted' ones that I have seen are indistinguishable from the "weak ones". Meaning their choices in conversational subject matter, attire and attitude towards rules is similar, much more real to life in THIS system of things. What this will mean from my perspective is that there will be no downfall as in an 'extinction' for the bloody WatchTower Printing Corp but that with time there will occur (is occuring) a metamorphosis of sorts, changing this religous/printing organization into one not unlike any other,on ALL fronts...including changes in the obligatory door to door/5 meetings/wk /DF'ing/blood theology.

    Perhaps we know why,who,where and what will change but WHEN OR how soon? that's the big question I suppose.


  • nojw86

    Hi Martini, You are so right, I was told that younger ones are being appointed as elders, I guess so many older ones inyears are just plain tired in all that life already hands you down when you are working man with a family. My husbands brother son just became an elder. Young and eager as they say. nojw

  • Pathofthorns

    First of all, I don't believe most of the 22,000 elders have stepped down due to reasons of disagreement with the Society. I believe most are simply getting tired, as they too have been working longer hours to get their lives financially back on track, but also working longer hours in the congregation with increased Judicial activity.

    There's no underestimating the "tired feeling" that Witnesses are going through and they are simply burning out. Such a pace is unsustainable and many of the elder's wives are putting pressure on the men to just take a break.

    Elder's have problems in their own families as well, and often it seems to be a stereotype that they have "the worst kids". I'm not sure where there remains time to devote to their families when it is divided between making a living and serving the interests of a congregation.

    There's no escaping that the organization is in a crisis at every level and in every corner. Eventually many more will see that they can only blame the elders for so much. The real problem rests with a leadership that has become so arrogant and so out of touch and a doctrine that is so out of date in the modern world.


  • metatron

    A solid analysis.

    Potential elders should be warned about what they may
    be getting into. First, there's legal liability that the
    Society is backing away from. Then, there's the real
    danger of wrecking your marriage or family or health
    or sanity or finances. I'm not kidding here - I've seen
    too much self-destruction by elders trying to live up to
    the Society's expectations.


  • AuSet

    Seems to me that there is a definite tactic behind the WBTS appointing young and inexperienced brothers to elderhood.
    In my local cong. I have noticed this phenomena occuring alongside another one, namely, that there are older, (middle aged) more experienced brothers in the cong. who are being passed up for appointment. Why?? Because they have seen all the crap that's gone on in the cong. and are fed up with it. Obviously, they cannot recieve appointment to the status of elder because they are too wise to the WBTS, and not likely to be very obedient.
    The young brothers that recieve appointment are naive and likely to say "how high?" everytime the WBTS says "jump!"
    BTW, I vote in favor of the WBTS going down the drain first.
    There are persons (my mother is one) who will hang on no matter what, and I'm willing to bet that such people will keep going on, and on, and on...

  • battman

    Evolution is true!!!

    In Brooklyn Heights that is.

    What with:
    Huge cash reserves
    Great cash flow
    Zero Debt
    Free Labor
    No tax status

    they will always survive, most likely. IMVHO we will see
    the WT evolve into somethin unrecognizable from what
    we see today. Same as the Russell to Rutherford saga.

    If a "strong" evangelical leade*r comes to power the
    change may be faster and more dramatic. If the WT
    is run by "committee" the change will be slower and
    less obvious. *Russell, Rutherford, Freddie.

    In either senario the "lite" will do and say whatever
    serves their agenda and there will always be a % of
    people who will buy into this philosophy. Heck, what
    with their cash they might sponsor "cash rebates"

    My vote goes to Lee Iococoa for GB Chairman.

    of the voting class

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