The easiest to prove?

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  • Gig

    What would you say is the most obvious lie the WTS taught? I'm thinking of the simplest and shortest to read and explain, and one that leaves no doubt as to the deception and dishonesty was on purpose...obviously intentional.

    One example is where they changed the dimensions of the pyramid to fit their chronological math. From one edition of their book to the next printing, on the very same page and very same language, but with different numbers.

    I just keep remembering the WTS own teaching that "A religion that teaches lies cannot be true." The average witness, nay...all witnesses aren't going to sit through any conversation that requires any effort on their part to figure out the WTS is lying. I can get the example above across to them before they have a chance to shut down, it's just that obvious. They may not discuss it but I know they heard me, I need more of these. Please take a minute and think about it.

    Here's another good one, I can always get their attention with FDS and 1914 talk, going over some matter of fact quotes naming 607. And then I ask them to give me just one single person who agrees with 607 outside the WTS. I've been digging as if for hidden treasure and I can offer them as many as they want, hundreds of scholars, experts, historians, etc, naming 586/7 and all I ask for is one. Obviously they won't do it, they can't, but I continually urge them on saying it's right at the heart of their religion, this is where their authority as the FDS comes from. I NEED the truth and their whole purpose is to help me find it.

    Oh yeah, "...Jesus said...the Bible's promise...the testimony of the prophets...Jesus assured us...the loving purpose of Jehovah God...Jehovah's prophetic word...the Creator's promise..." Umm, not.


  • metatron

    Armageddon is "SOON"!

    They've been saying this for one hundred and twenty years!

    I don't see how you can get any simpler than that.


  • Francois

    Well there's the claim that aluminum cookware was a lethal poison.

    And the claim that innoculations for small pox never prevented a case of small pox and that the innoculation materials was nothing more than "animal pus." That was a particularly good one.

    There were several teachings like this, promulgated by that font of intellectual power, Da Judge Rutherford.


  • Gig

    Yes, lies, but argueably not intentional. I mean, they really do believe the end is coming SOON, and have believed it for over a century. That's not the purposeful lie I was looking for. Frank, your examples too were beliefs at the time, and as stupid as they were it wasn't intentional at the time of print.

    I KNOW the WTS was aware that they were being dishonest when they changed the pyramid dimensions and I KNOW they long ago figured out 607 isn't true...yet they did it (and still do it) anyway. If they do it consciously it no longer can be considered a mistake. Get me?

    Thanks anyway though, I always enjoy your posts. Anybody else?

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    • The wt society has always encouraged people to go to the police in cases of paedophilia.
    • All the dates we told you that were wrong weren't actually wrong - we just didn't get it all right.
    • We are God's prophet - jws are prophets - we never said we were God's prophet - we never claimed to be prophets

    F&*k I could go on all day - I've already got a bad taste in my mouth thinking about it

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    As for proving that they meant to lie - that could be a neverending saga - I can just hear it - "If it was me, I was confused and didn't mean it, because it was an invisible being working against me, not me, I'm not to blame - are you sure it wasn't some other more zealous brother, and not me?" - some won't/can't stop lying no matter whether they're caught out or not - they just keep at it.

  • joannadandy
    "A religion that teaches lies cannot be true."

    But the Dub's don't lie! It's just that "the light gets brighter"

  • not interested
    not interested

    the biggest lie that i know is:

    oral sex is wrong!!!!

    but they change thier minds on that depending in if they are getting any or not!!!!!

    but as juzus said "its allllllllllll goooooooooooooood"

  • Satanus

    1975. Wt claims they never said defintely, but it definitely did. 1976, at the latest, 'it could be days or months off, but not a matter of years'. The osarsif site has collected together all its statements on this subject.


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