Definitions...."stewpid is as stewpid does.. sir" [forrest gump]

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  • kat_newmas

    I may not be a smart man...............but I know what love is.....(F.G.)

    But just in case....

    Thread? dub? on and on.... Please forgive me again... I can build a computer, from scratch... just common sense... plug this into that and, the green wire thingy goes into the blue port thingy...

    But... I am afraid I have noticed some confusing use of some terms here. I have never really been one to chat... or be in groups... or even follow a conversation for more than a few minutes...

    I have been guilty of responding to a post... and then later realizing that I missunderstood the terms you have all so lovingly coined.

    I mean, I get it... most of it....if you will notice I freely insert my perspective, to the point of rambling.

    If you wouldnt mind adding terms and definitions of any of these interesting code words... I would greatly appreciate it. .... Yes... I am a male.... but I will STILL ask for directions.. .... when I am lost.

    I am assuming that thread refers to a topic, rather than a thread of one individual's posts under many different topics.

    Again... forgive my ignorance... I havent been around people very much... I can tell you what a cat is thinking from fifty yards away.... but people remain a mystery.

    ummm.... please refer all insults and claims of stupidity to [email protected]... or my inbox. One must learn the language of the natives... before understanding can be reached.

  • blackout

    well you have 'thread' right Kat, what else do you want to know?

  • kat_newmas

    oh... feel free to take a term and post it.... even the common sense ones.... I figure in twenty four hours.. there can be an official reference guide to all the slang and terms that one may encounter. Maybe other newbeeeeees will benefit from it as well....

    when a stewpid question is asked... just refer them to the forrest gump reference guide. started by the stewpid guy named kat.

  • nowisee

    dub as in jaydub as in george dubya as in george dubya bush., but id like to know "borg".

    kat, i feel like we are becoming old friends.

  • teenyuck

    "Borg" as in Star Trek....

  • kat_newmas

    aaahhhhhh! got it..... (me too nowisee)

    keep going....

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well let's see .....

    WTBS - Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (sometimes also referred to as WTS)
    GB - Governing Body
    JW, Dub, Borg, Witness, brain dead idiots - Jehovah's Witnesses
    Cheese and Cracker Men - elders
    JWD - this discussion board
    JWO - splinter discussion board where there are no rules
    LR, Lamb's Roar - discussion board focusing on abuse survivors (but no longer affiliated with Silent Lambs)
    Ray, or Ray Franz - former member of Governing Body who wrote "Crisis of Conscience" (sometimes referred to as CoC)
    Bill Bowen - founder of Silent Lambs
    flame war - a disagreement in a thread that erupts into name calling, rage and often spills over to other threads
    flame - to attack someone
    lurker - someone who simply reads this (or other) boards but does not post
    apostafest - a get together or party of local apostates who use the term to ridicule the Witnesses
    District Overbeer - applies only to Valis, Beans and pr_capone who are in charge of dispensing beer and Unholy Spirit to the flock of apostates
    cyber hug - usually used with parenthesis as in ((kat_newmas))
    emoticon -
    DF - disfellowshipped
    DA - disassociated
    PM, private messaging - a message system Simon built into this board
    troll - a bear of very little brain whose only purpose is to cause chaos, or to attack someone

    That's all I can think of right now. I know there are more terms, but the little grey cells are worn down.

  • Brummie

    I'll throw these in for free:

    IMO = In my opinion

    IMHO (honest opinion)

    FWIW = for what its worth.

    WTF? = WHAT THE Fcuk?

    Roflmao = roll on floor laugh my ass of

    R& F = Rank and file

    Troll = you probably know this already, if not do a search and see the definitions of troll. (its not a compliment)


  • kat_newmas

    well..... FWIW....ty very much....I am this list... IMO...You guys are AOK.

    and ((((((((the group))))))))) for understanding

    Hey, now that I think about it, I may have made some replies that dont even apply to the conversation. But nobody will probably know the difference anyway.

    Thanx again....

    --- the dummy

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