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  • Tigris

    So what’s up with the JWResearch . info site? I noticed it was down last Thursday, and then came back up. Its discussion board appears to be abandoned, and his website never completed. I see there was a member here by that name too, JWRESEARCH, who was last active here 11 years ago. Was he its webmaster?

    I imagine the author and webmaster has passed-away, but someone pays the website host to keep it up.

  • Bobcat

    I wonder if they had copyright problems? When I google "JWRESEARCH" all the hits seem to be associated with some consulting firm.

  • Tigris

    I noticed that too regarding the consulting firm. As of today the jwresearch . info site is abandoned (never completed) but financially maintained.

  • Tigris

    Actually the site admin was last active "Mon Dec 28, 2015." So he must have passed away.

  • Simon

    ... or just got busy with other things.

    Maintaining any site takes time and money, it can be hard to justify if your attention or funds are needed elsewhere.

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