california fires

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    there is a new video on jwtv the california fires, how things are being handled. It seems almost everyone managed to salvage his tie and razor. I will not comment on those who lost homes, sad no matter what. They do mention that they will even offer aid to next door neighbors, not too sure how many doors away this still works. AND naturally, the big thing is they give spiritual comfort. They have put up meals, a lot in private homes, but not all, and the refugees are being housed by other families. The kicker is all this is being done by locals with local funding, except for maybe the mobile kitchen. I did not find any hint on donations, but expect the letter to be read soon at meeting.

    Like no one else will do relief work, or aid their neighbor!

  • AudeSapere

    My county got hit hard by fires and resultant mudslides Dec 2017 and Jan 2018.

    Every little bit of aid helps so I am very glad to see some proactive aid being 'approved' by WT corporate.

    And IMO a letter soliciting financial aid should be considered normal.

    However... As I recall with a disaster 10 or 12 years ago, WT corporate specifically told congregants to make all Disaster Contributions payable to '*Watchtower Worldwide Work* and nothing in the memo area of the check' in order for WT itself to decide where and how to utilize those funds.

    Normally, when donating to any organization, especially for disaster relief, it is very common - even expected or requested - to specify which disaster the donator is supporting by writing the event/catastrophe in the memo area of the check.

    No so with WT Corp.

    The mandated omission of specifying in the memo area allowed these funds to be used anywhere and anyhow - including pedophile defense and settlement.

    In other words, by directing contributors to omit any and all reference to a disaster relief effort, allows WT Corp to capitalize and benefit itself only. There is no obligation for WT Corp to actually forward any funds to the aid effort.

    I'm interested to know the verbiage of the expected letter to congregations.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Did the video say how many JW's lost houses in the Redding "Carr Fire", where I live? The shunning policy is all encompassing so I am isolated about local events from the fire.

    There was another major fire the "Happy Valley Fire" 16-18 years ago I sent a thousand dollars to local congregation handling donations back when I just had the "marked man" label, didn't even get a thank you.

  • waton

    Insurance companies are increasing their profits too, by increasing rates all around disproportionally, justified by the scary images of losses and losses, that turn out to be not covered in the fine print at all.

  • tiki

    Restricting donations would add several layers to their accounting controls...and as a not for profit they would have to prove funds restricted actually utilized for the purpose intended. This would majorly upset their crooked apple cart.

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