Was the Mongolian Conqueror, Chingiis Khan, one of your ancestors?

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  • fulltimestudent

    That's a side point in this National Geographic feature, but its rather fascinating to think that he may be a progenitor for one out of every two hundred men in the modern world.

    I wonder why YHWH did not want to include the Asian steppe people to the north of China among the world empires? Maybe YHWH was really a bit racist.

    In pre-history, ancestors of the Mongols crossed the Bering strait and settled the Americas.

    The Mongols were a later development of the steppe people of southern Siberia.

    2000 years ago, the Xiongnu (the likely ancestors of the Huns who eventually destroyed the western Roman Empire and took control of vast swathes of Europe) were a thorn in the side of the so-called first Chinese Empire and the Han dynasty that followed. Various groups of the same people often ruled parts of northern China, Korea and likely settled and ruled Japan.

    Chingiis Khan rose from obscurity and formed the largest ever land empire, scaring the daylights out of Europe. His descendants became rulers of parts of Russia and also China where they formed .the Yuan dynasty. Expelled by 'native' Chinese, another branch of the same people, known as the Manchus were able to conquer much of East Asia in the mid 17th century. They ruled China until 1911, and much of their homeland, once known as Manchuria (now referred to as the Dongbei - the North East) and the province known as Inner Mongolia is incorporated into modern China.

    So once again I ask, why didn't YHWH know about these enormously influential people?

    All that's by the way. What I really wanted to post her was a link to this fascinating National Geographic feature.

    Pointy Skulls Belonged to ‘Foreign’ Brides, Ancient DNA Suggests

    Archaeologists have long suspected that modified skulls in German burials belonged to the Huns. Now genetic evidence may confirm it.

  • Phizzy

    My wife says I act a lot like him, so maybe !

    Thanks for posting, interesting stuff, when I was younger I always thought of these people being fairly isolated, and mainly inbreeding, but obviously not so !

    Another naughty thought, doesn't the deformed skull look a lot like the design of a German soldiers WW2 helmet ?

  • Ruby456
    I think I have markers and is prolly where I get my toughness.
  • scratchme1010

    Maybe YHWH was really a bit racist.

    That is if you believe that the Bible is the word of god. makes perfect sense to me if you consider that it was written by men at the time when human kind was the most naive about the world around them.

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