Aussies who enjoy AFL / Sports & JW Involvement. It also happen elsewhere ? Double standards ?

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  • smiddy3

    It is well documented that the JW religion frowns on there members engaging in competitive sports to the extent they discourage school age children in the organization from being a part of competitive sports..Gal.5:26

    I have commented before on an AFL payer in Victoria who claims he is a JW who threatened to leave his club and pursue his religious convictions a year or two ago ,of course he didn`t and probably got an increase in his pay/salary

    good on him that`s business,and his business.

    I now notice that he is sporting a well kept grown beard another thing that his professed religion frowns upon .I wonder if he still professes to be a JW or if he has left the religion.?

    To my knowledge he was never baptized even though he is in his mid twenties and married to a Jw.sister.

    Jehovah`s witnesses encourage young teens to be baptized and suggest that a JW sister should not look to being yoked with a brother unless he is baptized certainly by the time he is twenty .

    If Alec Rance still professes to be a Jehovah`s witness and if he is not baptized while in his mid twenties and sporting a beard, he is not considered a Jehovah`s witness by his fellow congregants until he gets baptized and gets rid of his beard.

    If the above is correct does his claim to be a Jehovah`s witness publicly warrant a disclaimer by the religion he professors because he doesn`t abide by the Governing body /faithful & discreet slave class directives of his religion ?

  • jonahstourguide

    Yeah smiddy3.

    I saw that pic in the Herald Sun yesterday. As I recall, he did state in an interview some time ago that he made the correct decision in choosing to stay in footy over the spiritual pursuits. And as you well know the gb do whatever they feel like doing, just as individual groups of elders do. If she, his wife, is a 'good' contributor then I'm sure no-one will bat an eyelid. I will ask my friends if they know what he's up to with jw dom.


  • Tiana

    Not wrong if he is filling up his spiritual dues through MONEY/DONATIONS.

    Life is beautiful !

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