Plans: Jehovah's Witnesses Fishkill Support Center

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    For background, reference previous post about the Watchtower additional Fishkill purchase here.

    Received June 23, 2016
    Town of Fishkill
    Planning Department


    Name of Action or Project:

    Jehovah's Witnesses Fishkill Support Center

    Project Location (describe, and attach a general location map):

    5-18 and 26 Industrial Way, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 (Parcel #s 5500-02-791875 and 5500-02-798930)

    Brief Description of Proposed Action (include purpose or need):

    PHASE 1: Placement of 3 modular offices and 1 modular restroom buildings on existing impervious surfaces. Parking area for modular buildings to be provided on existing impervious surfaces. Repair/resurface existing access road. Provide defined walking trails and picnic tables across parcels.

    PHASE 2: Construction of recreational fields and picnic pavilions. Surface existing gravel drive/road and provide parking for recreation areas.

    … What is the general nature of the proposed action (e.g., residential, industrial, commercial, recreational; if mixed, include all components)?

    Offices and recreation for religious order.

    … Have hazardous wastes been generated, treated and/or disposed of at the site, or does the project site adjoin property which is now or was at one time used to commercially treat, store and/or dispose of hazardous waste? If Yes:

    Describe waste(s) handled and waste management activities, including approximate time when activities occurred:

    Spills of copper chromium arsenate from a previous owner/wood treatment facility were remediated under NYSDEC Brownfileds program; project Certificate of Completion received December 2014. Remediation Site #C314083.

  • betterdaze

    I had trouble reading the 40 page PDF download. Here’s a link to the cached version. Announcement here:
    New Submittal ID# 3222.

    Also tripped over this little gem from a local politician writing October 2015: Misinformation in Fishkill

    The peasants were mighty displeased about the Watchtower land purchase being removed from the tax rolls. It became a political football at the time. Wonder how they’ll feel about it becoming a private waterfront $anctuary for “religious order” recreation?

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