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  • lancelink

    Recently a young person who was df'd died. As you can imagine, there will be no talk at the hall.

    well, enter some very courageous other young ex jw's who had their own memorial.

    these people got together , and had a bonfire in memory of our friend. And since we have hardly seen each other in over ten years, the conversation and tears flowed all night.

    it just amazes me how all the parents of these grown up, normal young people think that ignoring their children is something that God approves of.

    Several of them are married, have children, own houses, work a job, and still after several years, their parents have not even met the Grandchildren.😔 and that is ok with them.

    another interesting thing I saw was that all the girls had married a guy who accepted them with someone who has no family because of the jw's. And they go so much out of their way to support their wives, what a wonderful thing to see and hear about.

    we had a toast at the end, and most everyone told a story about the deceased, and there was a lot of laughing, and crying. But it was very therapeutic for everyone, because we all reconnected, and caught up on out lives.

    much more so than the jw cut and dry memorial talk, it was a wonderful night .

  • truth_b_known

    I am certain it was a far, far greater memorial than anything that could be offered by a Witness elder at a Kingdom Hall.

  • wannaexit

    What a nice thing to do. I am with truth_b_known that it was no doubt a much better and meaningful memorial than the the stuff they put out at the hall.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    this hits home to me.

    my son--now 42, was d/f a few years ago. i hadnt had any contact with him for 30 years. now--we are good mates. he is done with the cult. he has remarried--a lovely 3 year old son---the only grandchild i have ever met or spoken with.

    his mother--my born in first wife..totally shuns him. never met her grandson.. what a waste.

    altogether now--ITS A CULT...and i hate it.

  • Tameria2001

    This is a very sensitive subject for many former JWs, myself included. My husband and I left the JW back when our boys were 4 and 6. My only rule to their grandparents (his parents), was that if they come around the boys, they were not allowed to shun their father in front of them. I was not going to put my children through that kind of mental abuse. After my husband and I disassociated ourselves his parents came by only once, and they wanted to take the boys off to McDonald's and then the park. I told them, no, but they were welcome to stay and visit with the boys, and they did. A few days later I had learned their true motives. They weren't planning on going to McDonald's and the park, but instead, they were planning on kidnapping my children and taking them off to an assembly in a totally different state. Found this out through a close relative (not a JW), who had called me out of concern, but only after it was all over.

    Anyways that was the last I heard from them, well except for a couple of other time due to non-JW family reunions. We learned that my husband's younger sister had gotten married to a JW and that JW has two sons. My mother in law was going around like the proudest grandma on the face of the earth, over these two "grandsons" who are not even blood related to her but at the same time totally ignoring her actual grandsons.

    Then a couple a years ago, we again happen to be at the same location, a family member was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Anyways my mother in law, still a JW, came up to my now grown sons and was trying to act like she was a very loving grandmother, but to my sons, she is a total stranger. It was quite uncomfortable for them.

    Here in a few days and I am going to be a grandma for the first time. I can't even imagine why anyone can do this to their own children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. Yes, she is still alive, and she won't even get to know the joy of meeting her great-grandson. Her two "grandsons" aren't married and don't have any children. They are busy working in Jehovah's organization, and not having their own families because you know how we are in the time of the end.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    sounds like a good idea even for ones still in better than a talk and then people wanting to get to the reception

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