Sins :D

by Eppie 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Eppie

    I just realised that I have committed three 'WBTS-sins', or did something at least very questionable in the eyes of the JWS, in the past two days (besides the regular sex, drugs and rock&roll of course ):

    I went to a groooooooooooooovy concert (and I got the signature of the lead-singer on my arm!!!! ), I voted as a very good citizen, and I signed up to participate in the Youth model of the United Nations.

    And the good thing is: I don't even feel guilty anymore!!!!!! (I do look around though to see whether there are dubs around or not, but only cause then I can book 'em in as they are there too )


  • Warrigal

    Good for you, Eppie! Get out there and Live.

  • unclebruce

    tsk tsk tsk .. sometimes i wonder what will become of the younger generation! you'll be having yer hair permed next and staying up past ten o'clock!

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