Embellished assembly interviews/"experiences"

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  • Vidiot
    It's quite the little paradigm shift when a fader or an XJW realizes that the experiences from the assembly platforms are somewhat less than forthright.
  • ttdtt


    What is also a shocker is when you are giving some of the more major talks at DCs and you start to actually look up the outside references (often to some obscure journal or report) to find that it actually is the opposite of what the Outline is saying it is.

    I tried successfully for a few years in using only real facts, and highlighting not the 'magic' but the practical (i thought at the time) value of the scriptures mixed with real life circumstances.

    It did not take long to start to question everything though.

  • Londo111

    This is something I only learned after I woke up.

    The "experience" I had at the circuit assembly was tweaked by the CO only in terminology. He didn't like me using the word "guys" and thought it might be offensive to older people.

  • Naoscillator
    At the "Imitate their faith" assembly, I have heard two different CO's give the same answer to the same question in their interview portion. The question has to do with new understandings, and they both cite how wonderful it is to know that the Faithful Slave is the Governing Body, and how much clearer everything is now thanks to this adjustment. What a coincidence.
  • dubstepped
    Both my wife and I were on various interview parts when we were young. Both of us were pressured to embellish so as to make things more "encouraging". Standing in front of people kind of knowing that you're lying to them or yourself is tough. I remember seeing another reenactment that was fabricated. My mom once called me very distraught after watching my dad lie up there. It happens all the time.

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