broke up with jw girl

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  • aleale

    I met this girl last year in April . She ended up falling in love with me first , and I was surprised when she said I love you . I taught myself to love her back . She was honestly everything I wanted in a girl . To the detail. After about 3 months we talked about her religion briefly , she mentioned she always had her doubts in it . I didn’t mind it too much and just told her to keep going and just observe from now on . Then around September she went to a jw convention and when she got back , she told me she felt better and that she wanted us to slowly drift away and end the relationship . I didn’t wanna deal with that , so I tried to end it that very day . And I told her we were done then , even tho it hurt . It hurt her too and I ended up trying to show her text in the Bible to prove that Jesus isn’t Michael the archangel and other texts about Jesus being God . In the end , we were back together and things became cute again with her . We had lots of things we wanted to do . Then in December my phone broke and I couldn’t talk to her as much. She got close with one her jw guy friends who’s dad passed away . During all this time they were talking and getting closer . She mentioned him to me a lot but I tried being strong and acting like I didn’t mind . During these few weeks she still showed me love but it gradually declined . And then I asked her why she was acting like that , she said it was that she didn’t feel the same and that it felt weird and that she didn’t like this feeling . And then she said it didn’t seem fair for me that she felt like that . But she said her overall reason was that she got closer to her family and she didn’t want to leave them anymore . And so I backed off and got rid of the playlists we made for each other and everything that had to do w her . We spoke one last time and I heard her cry which hurt . I felt like she didn’t want to , she said I made an impact on her . And I had lots and lots of love I wanted to give her . But we broke it off , and I told her not to worry about me , basically . But I miss her every day and I still have love for her in my heart . This shits wack , I really thought that was it . I don’t kno what’s next for me , I kno I have to focus on what I’m working on , but it’s tough to muddle through all of this .

  • Vanderhoven7

    Sorry that it hurts so much. It is not fair but predictable that this happened. Now you know to avoid anyone else that is involved in a cult like Jehovah's Witnesses. It certainly is devastating but take comfort in the fact that it could have been far worse.

  • DesirousOfChange

    JW GIRL?

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  • Acerbitous

    Anyway count yourself lucky now, if you had married this perfect girl and then she went back to the KH, the boss of your house would be the elders at the KH- not you. If you look for a girl on Tinder, I'm 99.99% sure she won't be a JW, crazy maybe, but not a JW.

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