Another family goes down in flames.

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  • dogon

    My Wife's Mother has Alzheimer. It is progressing to the point that she is writing things like she wishes she was dead and does not want to live. If you know my MIL you would know this is not her at all. My Wife's father has a hart condition and two strokes and now has a tumor on the brain. Her mother was a pioneer for most of her life and her father quit GM to move north to wait for the 1975 end of the world. He started his own business as a mechanic and then house painter. They live on SS and put nothing away for retirement. I saved worked and took any extra jobs I could for retirement. I also pushed my wife to get a job in finance and she has worked in that area for 24 years. She has a nice 401k built up and we also have a nice IRA each. I know my wife wants to throw money at them but I will have to be cold and not breathing before that happens. I do feel sorry for them but I had argued that if the JWs were wrong you are not going to have anything to fall back on for years. It fell on deaf ears. Her parents sold their home in north Michigan and moved to Kentucky to live in an old dilapidated house they bought for her sister who has two children and divorced. Funny how JWs seem to have shit marriages. Her sister is 47 and does not work, trying to get SSI and sponges off her parents Social Security. That amounts to about 1500 a month. One of her kids is 22 and lives in his room. Does not work and is in his room literally 22 hours a day. The daughter is 19 works at Burger King and is about 300 pounds as is her mother. Her sister talks about Armageddon and killing herself. This is a story that has no happy ending that I can see. I throw out things like the state will pay for a child to take care of a parent that can not take care of them self. And her parents are in that condition. But will they even have enough gumption to apply. I don't know. Very sad but its like the life boat. You can only save yourself, if you try to save the ship you will sink your own boat and die with them. Those fucking JW bastards and their bull shit have caused another group to be miserable and they are no where to be found. Fucking asshats.

  • pale.emperor

    Sad isnt it? Even more when you can see it coming and you try to warn them and they take no notice. You did all you could, but i agree, dont go throwing your money at them.

  • neverendingjourney

    I'm not quite there yet with my parents, but I'm not far off. Dad is 70 and Mom is 68. They live off social security. Never saved a penny for retirement. Made every terrible financial decision one can make. Dad essentially retired (refused to work is more like it) in his late 50s without a penny to his name instead of working hard to fund a retirement.

    I dropped out of the Witnesses in my mid 20s, went to a four-year university, got a bachelor's degree, then got a professional degree after that. After eight years of building a career, I've paid off my massive, six-figure student loan burden and am now finally in a position to make long-term financial plans of my own.

    At the same time my parents health is deteriorating and my siblings are starting to look at me as the logical one to bear the burden. I'm not having any of it. I won't let my parents starve, but I'm not going to let myself get taken down along with them.

    I went through this in my early 20s when I was still a good Witnesses and living under my parents roof. I took a year's worth of savings and spent it all on badly needed repairs on my parents home. We're talking over $10,000 about 15 years ago. My parents then went out and bought $5,000 in living room furniture because they "got it on payments." Not only could they not afford the furniture, they had a dog who chewed up the couches within weeks.

    But I didn't learn my lesson. A year or two later I bought my mother a car so she could get around and my father, jealous that I had done something nice for my mom, went out and bought a car himself, one he didn't need and couldn't afford. Again, he got it on payments. It sat in his driveway, mostly unused for years. It was a complete waste of money.

    I'm not making the same mistakes again. I love them, but they have to face the consequences of a lifetime of bad decision-making.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    Thanks for posting such an inspirational story. It just goes to show that those who seek the Kingdom first will have all their necessities provided for by Jehovah.

  • Spiral

    Sadly, I think this is going to be increasingly "normal" with the older JWs. Funny how they end up relying on "the world" when they can't make it on their own.

  • smiddy

    I think the Governments everywhere would be very interested in just how many Jehovahs Witnesses were dependent on social welfare .I personally knew quite a few who were on one welfare or another in the many congregations I was in over 33 years.

    Some even pioneering while on welfare with no intention of ever finding employment.

    They condemn the govts. as Satans tools yet have no qualms about sponging of the same govts.on social welfare.

    I think they rationalise it by calling it "theocratic warfare "

    Parasites is how I define them.

  • LongHairGal


    I'm sorry about your family's situation which must be very frustrating for you to see. I'm sure a similar scenario must be playing out throughout the families in the Jehovah's Witness world.

    This is the logical end result of a belief system which discourages people from getting skills and higher education and demonizes those that do - and encourages them to function in a delusional mindset waiting for a divine rescue. The insult to injury is imagining that those they criticized for having jobs and planning for their future are going to GIVE them money.

    As others have pointed out, the governments should take notice of how many JWs are on public assistance. This is a big reason I believe this religion should be banned in more places because this ultimately is the caliber of people they produce.

    Thankfully I have no family there and I'm glad I'm out. Let JWs go ask their "spiritual" friends for money.

  • FedUpJW

    dont go throwing your money at them

    That's why with no exceptions whenever I am told about brother so-and-so, or sister so-and-so having no finances to get to the upcoming assembly/convention and then asked if I would like to contribute something to them I always say an emphatic, "NO!"

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