JW recruiting through obituary's,

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  • blownaway
  • ShirleyW

    Well, what do you expect them to do now they have social media to their proselytizing on.

    Nothing new though, do some of you remember that pamphlet called Hope for the Dead? I know it's not around now. But that was used to lure loved ones to the Borg when they lost a family member. SMH

    In NYC in the mid 60's 12 firemen lost their lives, my mother wrote a letter to each of the widows and I'm sure enclosed that pamphlet. When that space shuttle blew up in mid 80's she wrote to all the families, although I don't know if the tract was still around then, but you just know she included in her letters about seeing their loved ones again, also that guy who's last name was Klinghoffer, he was thrown off his cruise ship in his wheelchair when the ship was invaded, she wrote to his daughters too.

    Believe it or not she got some responses too, I remember reading the letters from the KLinghoffer daughter and a McNair's wife from the shuttle and another response from that. and a few of the widows of the firemen responded as well.

  • VIII

    They are like dogs or coyotes going after the dead. Disgusting.

    I get my Mom trying to get me back with the "You know you can read all about the new stuff we're doing on JW.org. It has beautiful videos and all kinds of interesting things."

    I've literally hung up on her mid-sentence. She will call back and I'll blame the cell service. I simply cannot stomach the thought of seeing or hearing about this Borg.

  • stuckinarut2

    So glad this got news exposure!

    I am sure that all of us here have at one time taken part in preaching to people near cemetaries, or after funerals. Or we have left literature with people who have just lost loved ones. Although I would never have posted on a specific message board for an individual

    Looking back now, I can see how intrusive, presumptious and inappropriate it was. I feel ashamed at such activity.

    I seem to recall MANY experiences at assemblies and in articles that praised such activity. There was even a video I am sure that showed something like this. It is an approved course of activity of the society. It maddens me that they would try and weazel out of it by saying it was "just individuals". Those individuals did it because the idea came from the Society!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    We have a friend who lost her husband last year. She called us about week after he died and told us she got a letter and a pamphlet from a jw. It surprised her because she didn't even know this person. We reassured her that this is what some jw do to get in field service time and not to worry. We found out most people do not realize how organized the wt is in their endeavor to get their message out. Still Totally ADD

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