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  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    Quite recently the WTBS INC., wrote the following:

    “Comparably, for more than a century now, the anointed brothers

    of Christ, those with the heavenly hope, have served as “ a holy

    priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God.”

    (1 Peter 2:5) They have taken the lead in dispensing Bible truths

    to others. As you have learned truths that they teach, have you not found from experience that the very law of truth has proved to be in their mouth? They have helped to turn many back from religious error, so that now ther are millions throughout the world who have learned Bible truths and who have the hope of everlasting life.

    These, in turn, have the privilege of teaching the law of truth to yet other millions.- John 10:16; Revelation 7:9 .-“

    (“The Watchtower” May, 1 st , 2002 page 16, paragraph 9 )

    We take this kind of statement as a challenge , so here below, I'm giving

    some quotes of “ Bible truth” ,concerning “the time of the end”

    embracing a period of more than …51 years!

    *** w50 1/15 22 Who Will Share in the Final Witness? ***

    MEN say that history repeats itself. The history of past divine warnings and executed judgments will, for God’s Word says that “it all happened to them by way of warning for others, and it was written down for the purpose of instructing us whose lot has been cast in the closing hours of the world”. (1 Cor. 10:11, Moffatt)

    Written in the same year:

    *** w50 8/1 p. 227 Serving with the Servant ***

    And what is of more immediate concern, that royal Spouse has revealed to them that during this world’s syntéleia and before completing their earthly course the sign of his favor toward them would be marked by his entrusting them with special Kingdom responsibilities. Such Kingdom interests must be guarded, watched and increased amid the turbulence of this world’s closing years. Nor would any human or demon attraction or the confused events occurring in these fateful days succeed in diverting the faithful stewards from their service.

    Written ..8 years later:

    *** w58 8/1 464 Calling the Members of the Kingdom of Heaven ***

    When Jesus, as a conclusion to his parable, warningly says: “For there are many invited, but few chosen,” this shows that many more have been called than 144,000, the number finally united with Christ Jesus in heaven. If any of the remnant now in attendance at the room for the wedding ceremonies fall out for failure to keep on the wedding garment, others will be brought in by the King to take their places. Seeing that we are now in the closing years of this present system of things, that process may be about completed.

    Written ..21 years later:

    *** w71 9/15 570-1 God Wisely Selects Earth's Rulers ***

    Bible prophecy foretold that Christ would take Kingdom power while the worldly nations were still active. (Ps. 2:1-6; 110:1, 2) On taking Kingdom power, he would give early attention to those of the 144,000 who had died. Then he would proceed to gather together all his prospective Kingdom associates on earth, called a ‘remnant,’ for testing and final approval. (1 Thess. 4:16, 17; Rev. 12:10, 17) World conditions in fulfillment of prophecy indicate that we are in the closing days of this gathering, called the “harvest.” With its completion and the destruction of the present wicked system and its administration, Christ and his associate kings and priests will begin the thousand-year reign for the blessing of mankind.—Matt. 13:37-40; Rev. 11:18; 19:19-21; 20:1-4, 6.

    Written ..23 years later:

    *** g73 11/8 p. 6 Why You Should Be Concerned ***

    Why? Because in so many areas human failure is not just a ‘passing phase. It is direct evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecy showing that we are living in the closing years of this wicked system of things. Long ago the Bible foretold of our generation that “wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse, misleading and being misled.” (2 Tim. 3:13)

    Written ..43 years later:

    *** w93 4/1 p. 18 Who Are Following the Light of the World? ***

    Urgent to Follow the Light

    19 Now, in the final years of this evil system, it is urgent to follow the light of the world. And we need to be on guard, for there is an intense war being waged to keep us from walking in the light. This opposition comes from the powers of darkness—from Satan, his demons, and his earthly organization.

    Written ..44 years later:

    *** w94 4/15 p. 10 Helpful Teaching for Our Critical Times ***

    Many now living were eyewitnesses to World War I when this modern fulfillment began. But even if you were born after 1914, you have witnessed Jesus’ prophecy coming to pass. The events of this 20th century overwhelmingly prove that we are now living in the conclusion of this present wicked system.

    *** w94 9/1 p. 13 Despite Being Made of Dust, Push Ahead! ***

    20 Now, during the concluding years of Satan’s world system, is not the time to slow down—not as far as Kingdom preaching is concerned and not as far as developing more fully the fruitage of God’s spirit is concerned.

    Written ..47 years later:

    *** w97 8/15 p. 22 “Soundness of Mind” as the End Draws Close ***

    21 How much time is left remaining we do not know . Yet, we can say with confidence that “the end of all things has drawn close.” Until that end comes, let us live with “soundness of mind” in our dealings with one another, in the way we care for our families, and in our secular responsibilities

    Written ..48 year later:

    *** w98 1/1 p. 11 Do Not Give Up in the Race for Life! ***

    20 Today, we know that another great “day of Jehovah” will soon affect this whole system of things. (Joel 3:12-14) We do not know when that day will come. But God’s Word assures us that come it will! Jehovah says it will not be late. (Habakkuk 2:3; 2 Peter 3:9, 10)

    *** w98 9/15 p. 13 Times and Seasons in Jehovah’s Hands ***

    We too are convinced that our deliverance from the present wicked system of things is approaching. We know that we are living in “the last days.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

    *** w98 9/15 pp. 18-19 Waiting in “Eager Expectation” ***

    Their faith does not need to be propped up by time calculations . They keep busy in Jehovah’s service, providing a wonderful example for their companions, the “other sheep.” (John 10:16) These anointed ones know that this wicked system’s end is near, and they heed Peter’s exhortation: “Brace up your minds for activity, keep your senses completely; set your hope upon the undeserved kindness that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”—1 Peter 1:13.

    Written ..49 years later:

    *** w99 4/1 p. 19 Life After Death—What Does the Bible Say? ***

    21 The fulfillment of Bible prophecy shows that we are living in “the last days” of this system of things. (2 Timothy 3:1) Very soon now, Jehovah God is going to intervene in human affairs and wipe out wickedness from the earth.”

    Written ..50 years later:

    *** w00 12/1 p. 18 Do You Love Jehovah’s Reminders Exceedingly? **

    Since we are living deep in the last days of this wicked system of things, let us keep praying for divine help so that we can continue to observe Jehovah’s reminders and thus ‘keep on guard according to his word.’—Psalm 119:9.”

    Written ..51 years later:

    *** w01 3/1 p. 21 Salvation for Those Who Choose the Light ***

    17 Today, the “interior rooms” of the prophecy likely have to do with the tens of thousands of congregations of Jehovah’s people around the world. Such congregations are a protection even now, a place where Christians find safety among their brothers, under the loving care of the elders. (Isaiah 32:1, 2; Hebrews 10:24, 25) This is especially true in view of the nearness of the end of this system of things when survival will depend on obedience.—Zephaniah 2:3.

    *** w01 5/15 p. 12 Praise Jehovah for His Great Deeds! ***

    To shine forth in giving a final witness before Jehovah brings an end to Satan’s wicked system of things in the rapidly approaching “great tribulation.”—Matthew 24:21; Daniel 12:3; Revelation 7:14.

    *** w01 6/15 p. 12 Look After Orphans and Widows in Their Tribulation ***

    As the end of the present system of things gets closer, the pressures that Christians in general face are certain to increase. (Matthew 24:9-13)

    *** w01 8/15 p. 28 Do Not Give Up in Doing What Is Fine ***

    Faith in the Things Unseen

    11 Another trial may involve the seeming delay of the end of this wicked system of things. According to 2 Peter 3:12, Christians are to be “awaiting and keeping close in mind the presence of the day of Jehovah.” However, many have awaited this “day” for years, some for decades. As a result, some may become discouraged and lose their sense of urgency.

    *** w01 8/15 p. 32 Certificate of Excellence ***

    Each issue of Awake! “stays politically neutral and does not exalt one race above another.” Additionally, the publications build “confidence in the Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure world that is about to replace the present wicked, lawless system of things.”

    *** w01 11/15 p. 12 Jehovah Shows Us How to Count Our Days ***

    Yes, our life is as transitory as grass that withers in a single day. Therefore, let us not waste this precious commodity. Instead, we should seek God’s guidance on how we ought to use our remaining years in this system of things.

    *** w01 11/15 p. 31 Noah’s Faith Condemns the World ***

    Like Noah, true Christians today know that Jehovah will soon bring an end to this godless system of things. We do not know that day or hour, but we realize that imitating the faith and obedience of this “preacher of righteousness” will result in “the preserving alive of the soul.”—Hebrews 10:36-39.”.-

    Please, take into account that all these quote do come from the

    same organization : the WTBS Inc., that wrote in the same magazine:

    “ It would be easy to develop the habit of couching one’s words in terms that are technically accurate but misleading. Or one might exaggerate or hide details in a business matter. Would Jehovah not see that? And if we followed such practices, would he accept sacrifices of praise from

    our lips? “ (“The Watchtower” May, 1 st , 2002 page 16, paragraph 10)

    I do hope that this reaserch can be of use to someone.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

    « Ab Uno disce omne.. » (Virgilius , Eneide, II , 65)


  • ozziepost

    G'day Mac,

    Be assured that your research is ALWAYS of value to someone!

    Might I add something to the above quotes, particularly the very first one:

    the anointed brothers of Christ, those with the heavenly hope, have served as “ a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God.” (1 Peter 2:5) They have taken the lead in dispensing Bible truths to others. As you have learned truths that they teach, have you not found from experience that the very law of truth has proved to be in their mouth?

    The WTS continuously perpetuates this distortion of the "holy priesthood". When the early Christians were referred to as a holy priesthood, the whole point was to emphasise that no longer were the priests in the temple necessary "go-betweens" between the Israelite and God. Now, under the Kingship and mediatorship of Jesus, the individual Christian could approach the living God directly, and not through a mediator. The WTS distorts this matter by adopting a special position for itself and thereby bringing the individual R&F once again under the subjection to a mediator class. Now Dubs can only approach God's throne through the WTS. Without "qualifying", it becomes a barrier to approaching God. Hence, the second baptism question emphasises the dependence on the WTS for the new Dub who now can only come to God through the offices of the WTS.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • xjw_b12

    Hello Mac, and Thanks for the post. I always appreciate the way you format your info, nice large font and highlighting that lends to a quick review.

    Interesting to see how we have gone from the Closing years, hours days to soon, approaching, and near. Backtracking Bastards that they are !

    Makes me want to puke.



    " Millions Now Living Will Never Die Know "

  • DanTheMan

    Reminds me of something written on another ex-jw website:

    "Looking back after nearly three decades , I would compare [life as a JW] to a narrow, cramped tunnel—dismal, stale, dingy and claustrophobic—like an everlasting underground N.Y. subway trip. There's never any light at the end—because there never is any end. There is the eerie but dim artificial glow of the light of "the truth" and an occasional burst of "new light"—much like an electrical short on the rail. It gets hypnotic and lulls one into a stupor.

    "A voice comes over the PA [Public Address] at regular intervals: 'Next stop, New Order... soon. Next stop, New Order... soon. Next stop... etc.' But there are no stops. You realize that it is just an old recording, and you wonder if there even IS a conductor.

  • Latte

    Mac....awesome as always.

    Thanks...will be used in evidence against them.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to add something to your nice comments.

    To Ozziepost:

    “Now, under the Kingship and mediatorship of Jesus, the individual Christian could approach the living God directly, and not through a mediator.”

    Very true, basic …but denied by the WTBS Inc.

    To Dave:

    Thanks for the appreciation. Thes tyle, the presentation of the research is with the aim to get…to the core of the subjetc and not

    to be submerged by the massive verbage of the WTBS Inc.’s

    literature. After all , we desire to be clear and concise.

    Btw, your closing quote: " Millions Now Living Will Never Die Know ", is really a true gem!

    To Dan the Man: thanks for the quote! And this part:

    “You realize that it is just an old recording, and you wonder if there even IS a conductor.”

    Really makes me think!

    To Latte:

    Thanks . I do like to imagine my posts as a:

    ‘ …a voluntary contribution so that…few , may

    be many, now living, … WILL KNOW !”

    Greetings, to all of you


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