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    I have been asked repeatedly, "How and why would you use Science Fiction and the history of Jehovah's Witnesses to explore the serious problem of mind control?"
    How can you get JW's who may be waking up to dare to consider they may be subject to undue influence?
    I noticed early on with JW's--almost all of them are big Science Fiction fans!
    The same is certainly true of Scientologists.
    As to "how"? This chapter deals with the central plot point.

    WHITE HOUSE 1908

    Roald Amundsen (Arctic explorer) stood speaking softly in the Oval Office of President Theodore Roosevelt.

    “Newspapers call this the Heroic Age of Exploration.
    But this word Hero—that kind of word misunderstands the very nature of a man.”

    He gazed about appreciating the room and its implications of history, power, and responsibility. Roosevelt had cleared his schedule savoring prospects of listening to wisdom and experience of one of few men on Earth he might call his equal or his better.

    Roosevelt—the Bull Moose President, admired self-made men above all. Theodore Roosevelt had been a sickly boy who determined to exercise and build his body into something impressive, athletic and indomitable.
    He succeeded.

    T.R.seated himself at his desk placing both feet on top of the leather blotter revealing a smart pair of cowboy boots. He thought of himself as legislator, cowboy, and naturalist.
    Today, he was happy to play the audience as well.

    Amundsen mused.
    "I am convinced a light supper, a good night's sleep, and a fine morning, have sometimes made a hero of the same man, who, by indigestion, a restless night, and rainy morning, would have proved himself a coward."

    Roosevelt had rarely met a more self-effacing man. He flashed his best smile. "Well, Bully for you! What do you make of this Mars situation—? Give me your best appraisal. I sent you my file. Everything we know or surmise was in it. I won't ask you if you've cracked it, of course, you did!"

    Roald Amundsen leaned forward and hoisted his Gladstone bag off the floor; rummaged through it, and extracted a notepad. He thumbed a page or two and assumed the demeanor of a lecturing professor.

    "One fact jumps out at me—Tesla and Edison; men of opposite temperaments are collaborating to create something bizarre: a so-called electric bridge to Mars!"

    T.R. removed his legs from the desktop. Walking over to a small table he poured himself and his guest three fingers of Russian vodka. They saluted and tossed back the drink. The President sat facing Amundsen. The two men resembled boys hunkered down in a tree house, hatching secret plans.

    “Isn’t it obvious--? If they achieve the impossible they become rich and famous."

    "Sir, they’re both those things already. I suspect something more sinister is in play; something connected to a Pastor named Russell. Charles Taze Russell.”

    “Edison and Tesla are egomaniacs, not followers of any religious movement. I don’t see what you’re driving toward."

    “What about a coup d’état? Russell says Christ returned invisibly. Yes, already returned--but we can't, of course, see Him. He’s rallying citizens of a new kind of heavenly government opposed to regimes like yours, sir.”

    The Chief Executive rubbed his belly and belched, then pardoned himself and chuckled.
    "I don’t mind competing with invisible insurgencies or invisible rivals."

    Amundsen flashed a smile as he flipped a couple of pages in his notebook.

    "There’s more to it than religious delusion, Mister Pres--"

    "Call me Teddy, please!"

    "Thank you, sir—let’s explore this. What if a well-spoken Christian leader could actually produce a theocracy with an invisible Christ and convince people he himself was speaking on Christ’s behalf? The Pope won world dominion as the substitute for Christ—as his Vicar. A convincing proxy-Christ could misdirect & mislead Christians; condition them to do as they were commanded—even turning them against you.”

    "High treason can get you shot in time of war.”

    "Martyrdom breeds zealots and it’s seen as proof their faith is to be taken seriously. Besides—if you die a martyr you get the expenses paid vacation to the streets of gold.”

    "You wrote me about this Trojan horse idea of yours—how does it work in the case of this Pastor Russell?"

    "A true believer’s mind welcomes a certain idea--a cause--a purpose or movement--and accepts it loyally on faith. Such a mind is very receptive to control, persuasion, to the point they can be instruments of the one leading them astray. With that in mind--think of Bible prophecy as you would a Trojan horse—if you are a pious true believer you accept not only the prophecy--but also--the hidden steering which can be opened up to allow an unleashed betrayal."

    "I'm confused here, Roald. Which power is leading this overthrow and takeover?”

    "A Christian figurehead who is a proxy for Christ could convince millions of true believers to refuse to fight for their country and only obey their own substitute theocratic Governing Body instead.”

    The President stood motionless turning thoughts over in his mind; listening and weighing them.

    “I’m a quick study, but the more you explain your theory, the more I feel like taking a snooze! How can one poor misguided man like this Pastor Russell be harmful to anybody?”

    The Norwegian explorer rubbed his chin and shifted gears wearily.

    “Okay. Okay. Let's really get serious. This is going to sound very weird but bear with me. Okay? Russell is being controlled somehow. His role is to convince others. He thinks his Jehovah God is whispering to him secret things-- and the man has enough money to spread these planted ideas.
    The most dangerous men who have ever lived have thought they were doing the Lord's bidding. He predicts 1914 is World's End. Thousands of people believe him, you see?”

    "Tell me in plain and simple English—are your saying Martians--instead of Christ-are coming to Earth--or have already arrived pretending to be Jesus Christ--but with weapons as an invasion force? Convince me and I’m going to give you whatever you need to investigate this theory of yours and get to the bottom of it.”

    Amundsen had been waiting for the right question and this one was the key.

    “Mars will leverage Earth's surrender through an invasion of susceptible religious minds. When the army of Mars appears—these non-combatant dupes will welcome it! It will be seen as the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Such world events are only considered a bad thing if you are on the losing side—the Teddy Roosevelt side. If my theory holds true—you and all world governments will go down in defeat.”

    Roosevelt’s eyes widened with understanding.

    “Voltaire said it best. What can you say to a man who tells you he prefers obeying God rather than men, and he thinks he'll go to heaven if he cuts your throat? I know enough about human nature to know I am going to act on this immediately. Thank you, my friend. This requires Executive Action right away.”


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    ILLUSION 1876

    Back in Pastor Charles Russell's hotel room, Nelson Barbour took the measure of his new partner. The young man had already taken the measure of Barbour.

    Russell smiled disarmingly at the older man.

    "Brother Barbour, in answer to your question--the date of our Lord’s arrival is an illusion—but, not a lie."

    "What is it you’re trying to tell me, young man?”

    "I've hearkened to the voices of many strangers and I’ve squandered my Father's money. I’ve wrongly believed predicted dates were proved beyond any doubt—only to see hopes dashed. Frankly, I’m fed up with chasing my own tail in circles. I mean to accomplish something huge in this world."

    Barbour moved to the canopied bed in Russell's hotel suite, seating himself on its edge picking at lint on his gabardine pants.
    Barbour was exhausted. He listened with grim fascination as the young man spoke.

    "May I ask the reason for such unsettled views?”

    Russell strolled over to the window and cast his eyes evenly at the cityscape. Off in the distance, a building had caught fire. He wondered how much warning of escape poor souls trapped inside might have had. Would they get out in time or perish in their sleep? He shook his head sorrowfully.

    “William Miller, God rest him, convinced thousands in his day. True believers stood watching the skies for Christ’s return to Earth in 1843. What happened to those simple folk with all their faith and certainty? Overnight, true believers became a laughing stock. Newspapers called it The Great Disappointment, don’t you remember? But--what they failed to see, I see most distinctly--what he got wrong served to wake up sleeping Christians and put them---and me--on alert. The time of the End is at hand.”

    Barbour stared intently at the back of Russell’s head as he spoke. He rubbed his eyes wearily. The young man was a troubled soul; a wealthy troubled soul.

    "But--Charles, I heard you in your sermon tonight--you spoke of a Martian plan to thwart the kingdom of our Lord. I must confess I’ve never heard of anything like this before.”

    Russell pivoted his head wild-eyed. There was a sad, pleading tone of confession in his voice.

    "I’m anointed with whispers of the Lord. . . prompting me.”

    "Brother Charles—I too have such whispers, but I simply don’t have the funds to be effective as you are.”

    "All funds necessary are securely in place since I've come into my majority. I have been afraid until now that mine was a lone voice crying alarm at the midnight hour in the wilderness."

    "What did you mean when you spoke earlier—an illusion is not a lie?”

    "A magician says, ‘Watch this’. and distracts you from what’s really happening. Satan is such a conjurer. Miller was used by the conjuror--misled, but Miller didn’t lie—he simply allowed you to fool yourself trusting him. ”

    "I see. I see. But--more to my point--Charles, I’m losing subscribers who are fed up with promises and disappointment. Your Mars idea is sensational and attention-grabbing—isn’t that really what this is all about?”

    "Brother Nelson—the churches use fear of Hell to motivate members. We can do better. Our Lord deals in signs and wonders and moves in mysterious ways. His plan is brilliant but very subtle.”

    Nelson Barbour stood and straightened his necktie flashing a wary, serious smile.

    "It sounds like we are about to embark on a life-saving work; an expensive work."

    Outside the hotel a fire wagon raced by, clanging its alarm. The clatter of horse hooves upon stone streets rose and fell away with furious tumult. Crowds eagerly followed in the wake of its passing, drawn by the novelty of advertised disaster.

    “Make no mistake; I’ve inspected dozens of charts: I've examined dispensational, chronological and even a Great Pyramid chart revealing prophetic dates preserved in stone measurements! The so-called trick is getting people excited the way William Miller did.”

    Outside the hotel, the clattering fire wagon receded into the distance. Logs in the bedroom fireplace crackled and tossed sparks with sputters and smoke as if in protest. Russell’s face caught the red flickering light. His eyes burned with an inner fiery zeal.

    “Nelson--my conscience is on fire. What I need are fellow pilgrims to assist in the subtle work.”

    “Okay. Okay--but Charles--Martians—they’re not mentioned in the Bible.”

    Barbour cocked a skeptical eye toward the Pastor who scowled reprovingly.

    “Use your wits! Martians are actually demons!”

    Russell frowned admonishingly. Barbour brightened.

    “Oh, I get your meaning—in for a penny, in for a pound, they say. The subtle language on your part, Russell. It is the hook we've been searching for. In for a penny, in for a pound.”

    Rusell pursed his lips with wry weariness.

    "Yes—your penny and my pound it would seem!”

    Barbour grinned sheepishly.

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    The globe Earth is science fiction because the Earth is flat. Jw sustain the Earth being a globe and thus promote the sun worshipping

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    I learn something new every day.

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