Whenever they are saying "Peace and Security"

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    If they say " ALL IS PEACEFULL". then Armaggedon is imminent.

    If they say " WORLD WAR 3 is upon us" Armaggedon is imminent.

    Either way, its imminent

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  • blackout

    Who does this guy think he is???? The next Charles Russel????

  • watchman

    Tammy asked: "But where does the Watchtower becoming a member of the UN fall into the prophecy? Why did they become an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in order to fulfill prophecy. Why did they (the Watchtower) withdraw membership from the UN after almost ten years?"

    Good questions. Those questions are addressed on the essay entitled "The Watchtower as an NGO."


  • Abaddon

    watchman; purely based on statistics, you're wrong, as no prophecy of the end of the world has ever come true. Do the maths.

    As for the 'true peace and security' jive, hell, when I was a dub I felt the hairs on the back of my neck when Raygun said it during the star wars speech.

    Nothing happened. And nothing will happen.

    You will be proved wrong. And IF there is a god, I hope your presumptiousness put you in a very sticky positon, as all you are is a parasitic fear merchant, vain and full of your own importance, seeking to draw the impressionable and injured to you.

    Of course, as you're probably certifiable, this will be water of a ducks back to you. In fact, you'll think you're being persecuted because you are right.

    What a device for securing ships in deep water with a w in front of it you are...

  • hillary_step
    2) Use of fear tactics. He actually said that I would die, certainly, at Armageddon in a nuclear fireblast.

    lol....Well, it could be even worse, you might die an uncomfortable death laughing at his website.

    Like Alan, I am convinced that YK has risen like a tattered Phoenix from the ashes he left behind on JW.Com and has become the mother of all apostates. He seems to have no problem mixing with ‘slithering apostates’ as long as he can slither on his own terms. Self-conviction is a powerful wall to overthrow.

    Anyway, he has a right to his own opinions, so I wish him peace and security and pray that instant destruction be visited on all his enemies, which would by default leave him as the sole survivor.



    Watchman clearly has no problem spewing apostate ideas and being a JW at the same time.Very much like You Know,who sat on the fence knowing he`d never fall off,because of the fence post planted firmly up his butt..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • joe_from_kokomo

    Watchman- you're straight off the Writing Committee at Bethel! I can tell by your writing style that is so deeply ingrained and inculcated in you. Maybe you still even work there and do this on the side for cathartic relief. It's obvious because you use WT phraseology like:

    "seems to anticipate"

    "But let us not..." (instead of 'But let's not')

    "...were evidently presuming..." (two vagueries in a row, wow!)

    "In view of the fact that..."

    ...and so on. Yes, your style gives you away.

    Still, I liked your UN/NGO piece from Sept. 2002. Good work with interesting conclusions.

    Don't forget though, a little humility goes a long way...

  • Francois

    The trouble with the "peace and security" statement is that it has been made sooooo many times, and no armageddon.

    It was made at the end of WW I
    It was made at the end of WW II
    It was made at the end of the Korean Conflict
    It was made at the end of the Vietnam War
    It was made at the end of Desert Storm I

    And it has been made countless times concerning other smaller, regional wars. STILL no Armageddon.

    There AIN'T gonna be no Armageddon. Never. It is not in the nature and character of the real God of Infinity and Eternity to kill off his erring, but ignorant, children cause they don't get it right in this first, trial life in the flesh. He has plans for us, I'm sure. But those plans do not include murdering off 99.998761% of his children because they do not cleave to the teachings of a group of obvious false prophets and bullshit artists in Broklynn. Sorry.

    Enjoy your life. God IS NOT going to getcha! He's going to do what is in his nature to do with you: Love you without condition. And slowly teach you what you need to know as you go. Evolution is slow, but it's sure.

    My two cents.


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