Ex-Judge found guilty has to be dragged out of court XD

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Er, yeah. This is real life but I think it fits just fine in the Entertainment section.

    So, Tracie Hunter, a former Juvenile Court Judge in Hamilton County, Ohio, was found guilty of using her position to help her brother keep his job. She was sentenced to six months jail time. Then all chaos ensues as one of her supporters goes cray-cray and ex-Judge Hunter goes limp and has to be literally dragged out the court like a ragdoll. I'm glad the person dragging her out is black - imagine if it was a white male doing the dragging.

    What makes me laugh is the folks at the back of the court shouting things like 'we want justice!' - that *was* justice.


    I'm guessing ex-Judge Tracie Hunter is Democrat, right? XD

  • Vidiot

    As it happens, yes.

    As was the Sheriff who's department was responsible for her arrest and detainment.

  • minimus

    What a fiasco

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