New "Become Jehovah's Friend" Video - The Ransom

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  • pale.emperor

    Have you seen this? :

    Sickening propaganda for our young ones. They've laid off on the "armageddon will be here soon" angle and now it's all about "hope". "Hope" of living forever in a paradise. "Hope" that will get us through tough times.

    Is this the best they have now? No REAL practical help from the scriptures? No REAL practical help from the congregation to the community? Just "hope"?

    It was crap like this that i envied other religious people that seemed to live happy lives knowing their scriptures back to front and inside out.

  • truth_b_known

    You can't have it both ways.

    Either we admonish our youth to forgo an education and a career in a high paying job to concentrate on the ministry because Armageddon is almost here or...

    You better get an education an a high paying job with a great 401K plan because we hope the end is soon, but it may not be in your lifetime.

  • Finkelstein

    Answer = become a sales representative for his earthly publishing house and if you have any spare change he'll take that as well

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    In reality, hope is no guarantee of something taking place or happening. Hope is the feeling of wanting something to happen and thinking that it could happen. For example, I could say that "I hope that my boss gives me a raise" or "I hope that I win the lottery." Basing the way we live our lives or shunning our family members on the mere hope of something going to happen is very shortsighted.

    Sour Grapes

  • Spoletta

    There is certainly no talk about never growing old in this system of things, Elsa will no longer be around to remind them how wrong they were.

  • ambersun
    There is certainly no talk about never growing old in this system of things, Elsa will no longer be around to remind them how wrong they were.

    How true. Judging by the age of Elsa, she would probably have been in her 40s during the early 1970s when we were all being told as a total certainty that Armageddon was imminent and that "millions now living will never die". The buzz in the air and the feeling of expectation was almost electric at all the conventions during that era.

    Now, poor Elsa is dying of old age and probably (secretly) feeling very disappointed and disillusioned. I know this is probably true as I have seen it first hand in elderly witnesses who are still trying to remain faithful but secretly bewildered that the promise of eternal youth in a paradise earth has not come true.

    Meanwhile, a distressed Sophia is just being told to "hope" Elsa will be resurrected.

    What a sad little video

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree with you Pale Emperor, nauseating propaganda.

    The old certainty of the imminence of Big A has gone, the generation who saw 1914-- dodos, the lot of them, “overlapping generations”-- laughable!

    ‘Certainty’ was stronger than hope, but if you’re not a deep thinker and you’ve put all of your eggs into the Watchtower basket, you might carry on cherishing ‘hope’ just in case it’s true.

    Also true are the old timers now dying with their hopes not realised. I know of one particular life-long Witness, the patriarch of a zombie-zealous family who on his death bed told his son that the org is not true.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I've often thought about how sad it would be if it were all true. Imagine being a JW in the new system knowing that disfellowshipped friends and family are gone for good and will never be resurrected, while you will live for an eternity without any hope of seeing them ever again.

    I think this may have been a unconscious incentive for me leaving the WT. I knew that, even if it were all true, I would never see my father again, nor my aunts, uncles or cousin. My worldly friends would be gone too. So there was less to look forward to in the new system.

  • WTWizard

    Anything that promises friendship with joke-hova is just a trap and a scam. That thing needs to pretend to be your friend so it can suck the soul right out of you. I would much rather have friendship with Satan. To heaven (and I mean that cube where souls are sent to become meals for joke-hova) with being so-called friends with this source of all of our problems and troubles.

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