The 1917 Espionage Act

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  • Tom Harley
    Tom Harley

    Today, ran an article likening Trump's being drawn into Syria to Wilson's being drawn into World War I, 100 years ago. In the article was a mention of the 1917 Espionage Act, its purpose and consequences

    The Espionage Act was famously used against Jehovah's Witnesses back then, sending leaders to prison. How strange that 100 years later, Russia itself has an Anti-Extremism Law that is being used to threaten the same people.

    Is it not permissible for anyone to sit out war? Must everyone become immersed up to their elbows?

  • pale.emperor

    Not just the witnesses though Tom. The anti-extremist angle is being used on evangelical religions. They want the Russian Orthodox church to me the main church in Russia.

    That means those annoying people who shout about Jesus in the street, Mormons,Scientologists, Jehovah's Witnesses etc - you know, most cults.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    You wondered why no body came... well, honestly.. not controversial. Most people here do not agree with the concept of persecuting any religion. We are collectively persecuted by the JW for our religious (or non religious views). So why would we expect the same thing?

    The US used the anti espionage act against JWs. It was wrong. So it Putin.

    Still persecution does not make JW right about their despicable and controversial practices.

    Shunning, mishandling of child abuse, lying or being purposeful evasive in the media and public courts. Enforcing the no blood policy on its members, using quotes out of context, false news, etc.

    There are plenty of subject that can hit a nerve.

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