Focus on the Sin of Homosexuality

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  • StainedGlassHeart
    Since the JWs love to control the sex lives of its followers, it seems reasonable that they would be freaking out about same-sex sex as it becomes more open in the current culture (thus videos like that horrible cartoon). Are they going to start not allowing "girlfriends" to have slumber parties or require they are chaperoned by a "mature" elder or older sister?
  • jws

    Oddly enough, when I was in high school, my parents welcomed a friend of mine to sleep over. And were happy that he'd join us for meetings. I'm straight. He had "tendencies" though. And we might have all suspected he might lean a certain way, but never fully jumped to that conclusion. Later in life, he became openly gay and was happily married to another man when it became legal.

    But even with the suspicions, my parents didn't mind him sleeping over in my room, so long as he was interested in "the truth".

  • StainedGlassHeart

    Interesting, that sounds like a VERY lenient congregation.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Sin of homosexuality?

    All homosexuality is is attraction to members of the same sex.

    That's all it is.

  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome to the forum StainedGlassHeart.

    I see this is your first thread? We are happy to have you here.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    Homosexuality in my mind as an adult now is in some peoples DNA . Growing up there are 3 people that left because they were gay. Looking back it was around the time i started being interested in girls they were drawn to boys. This all happened around puberty. How anyone can judge a person by their sexuality in my mind is no different than being prejudice .

    There is NO way that a person wakes up and says I think I'll be gay because I like the ridicule and harrassment . What about the scriptures that say Only Jehovah can read youre heart, Or Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.Homophobic rules and ignorance is what happens when a group of 70 year old men try to dictate Law to a group of people.

    I'm not gay but if I was maybe I would have woken up 30 years ago!

  • sparrowdown

    Hi SGH.

    Yes I always thought it a strange oversight on WT's part that they didn't pay any attention to the fact that same sex attraction occurs or is even experimented with and yet they were hypervigilant, paranoid even, about hetero sex acts occurring at mere sight of an un stockinged ankle or just being in the vicinity of a member of fhe opposite sex.

    Maybe they will start to highlight this now, good point SGH.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    One more thing . The young people ask book used to state that masturbation leads to Homosexuality. I'm living proof thats false my weiner has formed finger dents on it but still not gay.........................Those dumb bastards!

  • Giordano

    I don't know........but when my little general stands at attention.... I salute it.


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