Overlapping generation pushed me to the brink

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  • Anator
    Hello, I haven't posted for a number of years. I've been struggling for years of wrestling in my mind regarding the organization. So much to tell. I guess the big thing for me to push me over the edge is the Generation overlapping thingy. I was asking questions such as...."well, if the annointed discerned the sign of 1914, uhhh, how is this possible when a recent understanding of the annointed was described as that they were not officially annointed until 1919? I mean they are saying that the annointed discerned the time of 1914, but the recent understanding is changed of when the annointed came to be. I tell them I don't get it. Also, they didn't understand fully of the annointed class until years later. I asked them this question. Does this mean that Russel was NOT of the annointed, to which they replied....correct, he was not. Ok, wait a minute, then how could he discern something of which he was not? See why I am confused? I was encouraged not to spread these types of doubts. My son, who was DF'd as an apostate gave me only society literature to prove some of his points. Historical stuff. Egads! Not once did Russell state that the end times started in 1914, it was always discerned back then as the end of the world or the big 'A'!! Perhaps, most of everyone here knows that! Their literature of old uncovers everything!! I got addicted to finding out everything of old. All of the quotes of today of referencing of what was discerned before 1914 is not true! I can't find a one. It was freaky to say the least. I don't get it. Why the need to divert? Why not call a spade a spade? To say this is the truth, why not just state the truth? Why dance around this? It will never be the same for me.
  • FayeDunaway

    Why dance around this? Because it's a false prophesy they are aching to make true.

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar
    Its a problem for many. I have been in the truth since the 1950's. I lived through 1975, and numerous changes in doctrine/understandings through the years. Its a struggle for me and most of the people sitting at the meeting filling a chair. Don't feel alone. If you speak to a Brother about your concerns, they will tell you this is new light and the problem is with you. Hang in there.
  • onightdivine
    It must be really hard for a lot of the members right now. As for me, I have stopped absorbing all the new light since last year for my own sanity. I no longer feel affected by it.. They will bend what they can bend.
  • OneEyedJoe

    The overlapping generation is what finally pushed me hard enough to do some research online - it pushed me over the edge too.

    My problem wasn't with the whole anointed thing though - just with the fact that there's absolutely no scriptural support for their current definition of the word "generation." Furthermore, even if they didn't specify a hard end date, their prediction that armageddon would be here before the end of the 1914 generation qualifies as a false prophecy.

    As for the issue of the anointing taking place in 1919, that's not really a problem for the overlapping generation the way I understand it. There are now two different 'anointings' - there's the anointed 144k, which have been around starting after Jesus' death, and then there's the anointing of the FDS. These are two different events that really don't have anything to do with one another other than the use of the word anoint/anointed. The overlap is supposed to be between generations of the anointed 144k, not generations of anointed FDS members. Though in their example they're confusing matters by using franz and other GB members to explain the overlap.

    That said it's still all a pile of rubbish.

  • xjwsrock

    I think the new belief is that the "anointed" existed before 1919, but the "faithful slave" wasn't chosen until 1919.

    They essentially finished Rutherford's job of kicking Russell to the curb. They also elevated themselves even above the Apostles in that way. Imagine the arrogance.

    Also, they usually spin the pre-1914 prophecies as "The Bible Students saw the significance of 1914 as far back as the 1800's."

    This is sin of omission. They don't mention what the early Bible Students thought was significant about 1914. Like you said, they predicted Armageddon to break out in 1914. When WWI broke out, they thought they were right. Lol. Funny to think about now. What must they have thought when world conditions settled back down into relative peace.

    This entire organization was founded on false prophecy.

    sorry that people must learn TTATT like this. I am still amazed that my brother and his family are still embedded in the WTS.....when you believe that it is appropriate to 'lie for the TRUTH' , then a little thing like overlapping generations doesn't even raise an eyebrow
  • xjwsrock

    After reading OEJ's comment I thought about this.

    Franz was pretty young by today's JW standards to have been "anointed" in 1914. Such a thing would never fly today. Just sayin!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Anator, I would preface any answer to a question about the teachings of the Watchtower with the understanding that everything they have predicted and most things they've said has proved to be completely worthless.

    About the only thing they have taught that is spot on is that religion is a snare and a racket...and they should know!

    I'd say the reason they need to dance around the subject of 1914 is as you have already hinted at; it is a diversion. It is to direct minds away from a disastrous eighty years of false prophecy that the generation who saw 1914 would see the end of the "old system of things." The enormity of this delusion is hard to digest. It is a total damning of their ability to claim that they are the exclusive agents of God.

    "Overlapping" is a truly pathetic piece of first aid, like putting a sticking plaster on after a decapitation.

    Wakey wakey Jehovah's Witnesses!

  • OneEyedJoe
    Franz was pretty young by today's JW standards to have been "anointed" in 1914. Such a thing would never fly today. Just sayin!

    There was a kid in my former congregation that was claiming to be anointed by 19 or so. Super pretentious "spiritual" little prick. Everyone made fun of his partaking anytime someone even tangentially mentioned him.

    But back in 1913 (I think that's when franz was baptized) everyone was partaking, so they assume franz was anointed upon his baptism

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